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Once Upon a Time Was Alexis

Once upon a time in the country of the United States of America was born a baby girl. From her beginning–and most likely from the beginnings of her ancestors before that–she was assailed by severe challenges. It is likely her mother did not have adequate prenatal care, or again, maybe it was just a cerebral accident. At any rate, while this child was yet an infant in arms, she suffered a massive stroke. It affected her vision and it affected her brain function.

Once upon a time, Alexis Goggins entered this world, and, although it was not evident at first, she was born with a heart condition. There probably were previous symptoms of her heart situation, but last Saturday, Alexis, now a first-grader in a Special Ed Class in Detroit, Michigan had her heart form firmly diagnosed. Her heart condition is now clearly stamped courageous and extraordinarily heroic. That affected heart caused her to leap between her mother and a would-be killer and to take into her own tiny body six bullets that were intended to wipe out her mother.

This family picture of Alexis and her mother is from the Detroit News.

Bandage covered, she lies now in stable condition at Children’s Hospital in Detroit. She is recovering from gunshot wounds to the eye, left temple, chin, cheek, chest and right arm.

Once upon a time was born a darling, precious child. Her name is Alexis Goggins.


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Extremely Urgent Prayer Request for Bethani Roam

Tonight, I bring a very special need to you. Please, all of you join me in prayer for Bethani Roam who is desperately in need of a touch of God. In my Thanksgiving post I told a little of her story. She is 24 years old, the mother of an 8 month old baby and is the wife of a minister. Last month her liver suddenly and completely shut down, she was flown to U C San Francisco and had a liver transplant. She has been doing extremely well, until a few days ago, when she became unable to keep either food or medication down. Last night she was readmitted to the hospital.

Bethani, Brian and Wyatt Roam

There is only one God, and He is not of a certain denomination. I’m asking every friend and acquaintance I have on this blog to earnestly pray–however you find it comfortable to do so–for Bethani Roam.Thank you.

EDIT from Bethani’s blog

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hospital Report

Bethani has been resting more and more. She was dehydrated and one of her lungs is two-thirds filled with fluid, but she had no fever. The doctors at this point think the lung fluid will clear by itself. They can drain it if it is needed (God can drain it!) The ultrasound and x-ray on her liver was fine. Fluid is flowing through her liver. Last night she was able to keep her medications in her system. They are trying different meds for the nausea. The doctors want her to eat anything at this point. The more calories the better.

She has been very determined to get better. Even when she was nauseated she would still get up and walk. The doctors very strongly told her she needs to eat more to get more strength.

Bro Bishop is at home with Wyatt. Sis Bishop and Brian are at the hospital with Bethani. Thank you for your prayer for all of them. God’s family is awesome! The support and prayer they are getting is beyond words.   ____________________________________________________________________

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Twin Boys Emerge From Nightmare, Find A Magnificence Life

Four years ago, these beautiful little boys were discovered–caged– in a cockroach-infested house in Phoenix, Az. Neither one of them could speak and they were referred to as feral children. Luis and Sylvia Vineagra heard of the children’s plight and compassion rose in their hearts–to such degree that they took the 9-year-old twins and an older brother into their home. Today, these boys have emerged from abysmal, unthinkable torture into a magnificent life.

Luis and Sylvia cried when they learned of the squalid living conditions of the children.

“My wife and I said what they need is a lot of love and nurturing,” Viniegra said. “I said, ‘let’s roll up our sleeves, change diapers, potty train and teach them language.'”

The couple now admits they really had no comprehension of the difficulties they would face, and at times they felt overwhelmed. But they persisted and now the boys are thriving in an exceptional way. One child is winning spelling bees, the oldest is reading at graduate school level, and the youngest is a fantastic artist.

It was a year ago that the Vineagra’s decided to adopt the children, and a couple of weeks past on National Adoption Days the boys’ last name was legally changed from Rodriguez to Viniegra. At the conclusion of the stirring ceremony one of the twins made a fist and with a resounding voice said, “Yes!”

I salute this beautiful family; these exceptional children and the loving, caring mother and father–Luis and Sylvia Vineagra.


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To Granny’s for Thanksgiving

Ella-Claire Buxton, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

Meet Ella-Claire Buxton, who at nine-months-old just spent her first Thanksgiving at Granny and Pappy’s house. She tasted mashed potatoes and gravy and loves cinnamon roll frosting.

I think all of them will be chefs. When they scrambled into the house on Wednesday, yelping and shouting, I was making pies and immediately they took possession of the rolling pins.

Chefs Cole and Brady here.


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Be Gone, Ye Thanksgiving Boxes!

Happy Thanksgiving Greeting, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

Yesterday I spoke of our success in accumulating lots of food and a large amount of cash to buy turkeys and hams, but of our concerns about finding people to whom we could distribute our gifts. I should not have worried–by 12:30 today we had given away all 21 of our boxes!

The boxes turned out beautifully: Each contained staples, bread, oranges, bananas, celery, potatoes and a ham. Of course we tucked in a Thanksgiving flyer and a church card.

Was Mike’s old Volkswagen van not the most charming of vehicles in which to make our deliveries. He loves that old thing, backed it right up to the doors, and he, Jerry and Darin Craig (who owns Craig’s Plumbing and the Tiger Trenching building, and who so graciously lets us use it for nothing!) loaded the boxes into the Vdub. They put 3 boxes in our car, and Brandon took a couple. Jerry went to make a hospital call and to deliver his 3 boxes, Brandon took off with his, and I jumped in the car with Janey and we followed Mike to the Shakespeare, a sort of residential hotel.

We had spoken with the owner who graciously directed us to those who were in need.

Through delivering his boxes, Brandon helped at the Shakespeare.

“Good people live here,” the owner told us. “They’re just down at the moment and living a bit on the edge.”

This gentleman, whose name I do not know, graciously received our offering. I hope he feels our love, and that our simple box of food, and an invitation to church, will help as he maneuvers his way through this complicated space called life.

Great news! About an hour ago, Robert called. He lives at the Havasu Motel where Mike had stopped and given out a couple of boxes. Robert had received one and wants a ride to church tomorrow.

“8:30,” I told him. “Someone will be there to pick you up between 8:30 and 8:45 in the morning.”



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Truly a Match Made in Heaven

If there is such a thing as a match “made in Heaven,” its evidence may be marked in the beautiful relationship between Jarena Bates and Tye Johnson, a couple who is engaged to be married. One day last May their rare love affair took on a significant challenge when her doctors told Jarena, “You are in kidney failure and must have a transplant.”

Immediately the search for a donor began. The chances of finding a kidney suitable for Jarena were considered slim. There are 5,000 people living in New York who also need kidney transplants and the average wait for an organ is 7 to 9 years. Jarena was desperate.

      Then came the miracle. Her fiancé was found to be a perfect match, and overriding the arguments of Jarena, he made the decision to donate one of his kidneys so that his beloved could live.

      “Actually, I decided to do it on my own. She didn’t want me to get tested — she didn’t want to put me through the pain and suffering,” he said. “But, I insisted.” It’s a decision, Johnson said, he never thought twice about. “When I first found out that we were a match, I knew we were meant to be together.”

      This lovely story continues for the operations were successful, and now within Jarena’s body, and functioning perfectly, is the kidney of Tye Johnson, her beloved, her saviour. Truly this must be a match made in Heaven.

      There is more here including videos taken the day of the surgery which show touching scenes between the doctor and the families. Pictures, links and other information from Fox News.

      VIDEO: The Gift of Life


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