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Beloved Nona Freeman Under Hospice Care

This message from our beloved Nona Freeman was posted today  by “Kneemail” in the comment section of one of my other pieces. (There is a video of Sister Freeman in that piece.) I’m taking the liberty of making it a separate post so that these beautiful words may be read by more persons. Sometimes we wait until after persons have gone to tell them how special they are, and how much they have blessed our lives. Let’s not let that happen with Sister Freeman. After you read her letter, if she has ministered to you, please tell of it in the comment section. I will let her family know of this column.

Through the years, Sister Freeman has been a tremendous source of inspiration to me. Now in her waning days, I want her to know that I love and respect her, and that her books, stories, sacrifices and messages have surely enriched our entire Apostolic movement. It won’t be long now, Sister Freeman, until together we will bow before that majestic throne of Jesus, our Saviour, the one who has saved us, and has made us brothers and sisters in Him. Happy day! What a happy day! Come, Lord Jesus.

Dear Friends and Fans of Nona Freeman; December 8, 2009

Greetings in the name of Jesus. This is just to update everyone about my condition. The Lord has blessed me to live 93 wonderful years and as the lyrics record truly, ‘I Don’t Regret A Mile I’ve Traveled For The Lord.’ God has been my constant love and keeper. I marked my 70th year in the ministry April 12, 2009. My life has been one amazing blessing and miracle after another. I had a loving childhood; married a man that I still love to this day and God blessed me with five amazing children.

We were called to Africa but long before we got to go there our hearts were there; then 41 years later we returned to the United States. After the death of my beloved husband ‘E.L. ‘Bug’ Freeman in 1999 my wonderful daughter Sandra Freeman has devoted her life to seeing I have been able to continue my ministry that God called me to when I was but a child. I am blessed to still enjoy the benefits of my new computer my supporters blessed me with for my 70th ministerial anniversary that I am sending this message to you on.

I am sorry but I am no longer able to continue my schedule due to my health from sickness I suffered in January 2009. God has blessed me not only with a wonderful daughter to see I can carry on my ministry but wonderful aides that devote their time to see the work of Nona Freeman; my ministry, my books and messages can still go out.
I am sorry I am not nor have been able to take personal calls as I desire and have done so in the past; my energy just does not allow it now.

For a few weeks now I have been under the care of hospice that comes to my home. Please bear in mind; I am in no pain but I am ready for God to take me. I am getting weaker. I have fought a good fight; I have kept the faith and I have traveled the world in obedience to Gods call on my life to answer the call God placed on mine and Bugs heart to carry this Jesus name gospel. Our ministry has been our life. I have the greatest family a person could ever have but I am ready to see my Jesus, my mother and my daughter Marla now gone to be with the Lord; many other loved ones, prophets and apostles of old. But next to Jesus my heart is so longing to see my ‘Bug’. I miss him more every day.

I am honored for every prayer that has been prayed for me and ask your continual prayers in the days ahead. May all of my precious supporters have the best holiday and my prayer is not only for 2010 but the rest of your lives be filled with the blessings of Jesus. Please remember me and the name of Jesus I have and will always uphold. Until we meet again, Sister Nona Freeman

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Christmas Spirit Alive and Well in Long Island

In a disheveled world of daily upheaval seeming to feature immorality, lack of honor, crime and a confusing web of uncertainty, it is a relief to know such stories as this one, about which I learned today.

A Long Island deli owner who held a robber at gunpoint, then let him go after giving him $40 and a loaf of bread, says he got an anonymous letter from the crook that included a $50 bill and a thank-you for saving him from a life of crime.

Mohammad Sohail shares part of the unidentified repentant’s letter in which he apologized: “First of all I would like to say I am sorry at the time I had [no] money no food on the table no job and nothing for my family.”

Similar to comments he made on his knees during the incident last May, he said he realized that trying to rob the store with a baseball bat “was wrong but I had [no] choice. I needed to feed my family.”

“That’s the same guy I gave $40 to,” said Sohail, 62, displaying the typewritten letter at his Shirley Express deli yesterday. There was no return address. It was mailed on Long Island the week before


“I’m really thrilled,” said Sohail. “I’m very happy for that guy, because he is now doing good for the community.

“He has a job and he is a good person. I really feel great. Thank God he’s doing good. He’s got a new baby and he’s not in jail,” said Sohail.

What a cheering wonderful story, one worthy of note during this most beautiful of seasons, for people such as these are truly imbued with the Spirit of Christmas. Around such accounts may be experienced the ring of sanctuary music, the tinkle of hand-rung bells, the red of a Salvation Army Kettle, the appealing misspoken lines in a children’s drama, tiny shepherds dressed in bathrobes, and tough businessmen wiping away tears as they once more hear the carols of antiquity that speak anew of the greatest story on earth.

Source: Kieran Crowley NY Post

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“Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall!”

I cannot let this day pass without noting the significant event that shook the world 20 years ago today. Nor can I mute my mouth and fail to give credit to President Ronald Reagan whose bold words and courageous demeanor contributed to the destruction of the wall; an ugly wall that divided the city of Berlin–East from West, Freedom from Subjugation. Standing before the Brandenberg Gate, often noted as a symbol of communism, the President of the United States spoke directly to the communist leader:

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

The press paid little attention to the speech, except that the Soviet Tass spoke of Reagan as giving an “openly provocative, war-mongering speech.”

But within months, the wall had fallen–chiseled, hammered, clawed at, and axed. Deliverance had come to Berlin.

I’ve brought over a couple of videos. One is of President Reagan speaking the historic words; the other is a moving account of the destruction of the Berlin Wall by photographer Anthony Suau.

…I long for President Reagan, the liberator…I long for his courage, conservatism, honor, and love for our country, these United States of America.

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Kimberly Munley, a Heroine

Some days are so dark, some activities so despicable it seems hard to find anything of which to be positive. Yesterday was such a day, what with the Fort Hood shooting rampage that left 13 persons dead and 30 injured; the worst tragedy ever seen on any of our military bases. But there was at least one glittering light of hope and honor when:

Fort Hood police Sgt. Kimberly Munley, a 34-year-old wife and mother, and her partner responded within three minutes of the reported gunfire and shot the alleged gunman, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, four times despite being shot herself, Lt. Gen. Bob Cone said.

Source: AP

This civilian police officer is being widely hailed as a hero, for she doubtless prevented a wider loss of life. It is a mercy that she is expected to make a full recovery herself. I salute her bravery and her courage. forthoodheroIt is reported that after she began firing, Hasan whirled around and physically charged her. Holding a gun in each hand, he fired, the bullets hitting her in the thighs and wrist. She was the one, though, who four times shot the alleged gunman, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan.

I pray for her complete recovery, for all the others who were injured, for the morale of our military personnel, and for the families of those whose loved ones are among the fallen.

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Jerry and an Army Shot

An Army Shot, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

We’ve passed the place several times in our travels through Arizona, frequently saying as we traveled that we needed to stop. A couple of weeks ago we finally pulled in to take pictures of the two large guns at the US Army Proving Grounds–just a few miles outside of Yuma.

In Jerry’s Junior and Senior year at college he joined the ROTC, taking 60 units in Military Science; during his senior year he spent 6 weeks in active training at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. With only a slight difference, it was this type DSC_0002of weapon that he learned to operate during that time. So, of course, he was interested in taking a look, and of course, I was interested in the photography angle.

Jerry didn’t pursue a career with the military as many of you know; he resigned his commission as a 2nd Lieutenant, and instead entered the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Although I appreciate our military personnel, and honor and respect their service to our country, I must say I’m glad Jerry’s calling in life led him to be a preacher and not a soldier in the US Army. He’s a soldier all right–a soldier in the army of the Lord.


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Racism In Tennessee

Her name is Sherri Goforth and she has been working for the Tennessee State Senate for 20 years, reportedly with a stellar record. But if this report is accurate–and I have no reason to believe otherwise–she has acted in an irresponsible and disrespectful manner. It seems she sent an e-mail featuring a picture of two cartoon eyeballs set against a black background and meant to depict President Obama. The image featured a succession of presidents in dignified and stately positions until the final picture of Obama. She has acknowledged her bad decision and apologized for the offensive nature of the e-mail.

Awful. I wish these things did not happen.

Source: Fox News

Click here to read more on the story from The Tennessean.

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Memorial Day Tribute

In my childhood we called it Decoration Day and it was an important celebration that we marked in the streets with parades and in the parks with rousing speeches, recalling the heroes who, on one field or another, had given their lives for our country. Today it is called Memorial Day. May we never forget those who lie beneath the white markers, from the youngest–the one little known–to the one highly acclaimed and honored. To their families today, I say a sincere thank you, for that one you have offered up so that my children and my grandchildren and I may yet reach into uncommon opportunities and glory in our rare and costly freedoms.

Mary McHugh mourns her slain fiance Sgt. James Regan at the Arlington National Cemetery May 27, 2007, Memorial Day weekend. Regan, a U.S. Army Ranger from Long Island, was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq in February, and this was the first time McHugh had visited the grave since the funeral. When he died, Regan was on his fourth combat deployment – twice in Afghanistan and twice in Iraq.

Source: Getty Images John Moore


Edit Monday 9:30  Thanks to Dale White who on my Facebook account sent the image of the markers and the children I posted just above here, and the following information:

The National Moment of Remembrance, established by Congress, asks Americans wherever they are at 3 p.m., local time, on Memorial Day to pause in an act of national unity (duration: one minute).The time 3 p.m. was chosen because it is the time when most Americans are enjoying their freedoms on the national holiday. The Moment does not replace traditional Memorial Day events; rather it is an act of national unity in which all Americans, alone or with family and friends, honor those who died for our freedom. It will help to reclaim Memorial Day as the sacred and noble holiday it was meant to be. In this shared remembrance, we connect as Americans.

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A Birthday and Men of God

He was 23 years old and had already graduated from college  when, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I met him. His childhood had been unusual. When he was four his mom died; when he was twelve his dad died. For awhile he lived with the Schultz family, helping with their dairy production, arising very early to milk the cows and then deliver chilled milk to neighbors. Other times he lived with this relative, then that one, always seeming out of place, not ever feeling at home.

By the time I met Jerry, despite his ragged start in life, he had proved his mettle, and was an impressive young man. So…I married him. Today I want to write a few words to honor him.

Last week was significant; for one thing Thursday was Jerry’s 77th birthday, but we were all so frazzled, what with wondering about the overdue carpet and with last minute preparation for the special services, that we didn’t properly celebrate that significant day. We were running around like the proverbial chicken.., but finally in the evening, in our work clothes, we gathered at a little Mexican restaurant we like…so late in the day were we that they locked the door and stuck up the closed sign before we had finished eating. But they knew it was his birthday, so at the end of the meal they brought a birthday “cake,” a beautifully formed and cooked flour tortilla filled with fried ice-cream, topped with a bright red cherry. A candle flared in the middle, and with one sure breath, Jerry blew away the flame.

dsc_0029_2Jerry is a man of strength and of rare passion. Judge for yourself. Two years ago, just prior to his 75th birthday, he made the decision to roust himself from a well-deserved retirement and come to Lake Havasu, with the intent of here establishing a church. He has been wildly successful; reaching milestones, performing feats, and attaining results that extend far beyond the norm for such a project. He is amazing.

There is something about true men of God that is inexplicable and mystifying. Something about them can’t quite be comprehended nor fully analyzed, and although Jerry is certainly human (ask me about that sometime 🙂 ) his passion and anointing are undeniable and almost palpable.

Today I honor you, Jerry, and wish you a belated happy 77th birthday.



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And So Went the 2nd Anniversary Services

It is Sunday evening, the dedication festivities are over, all the company is gone, and Jerry and I are alone here in the motor home. If all was not perfect, it was so close as to never be remembered otherwise.

…except that for the opening service on Friday evening we had carpet in only half the building…then at 5:00 on Saturday morning, Ken, the carpet layer, let himself in the building, and by 5 minutes before 10:00, had the job finished. It is beautiful.

More beautiful was the quality of every service, the visitation of God, our wonderful visitors–family, friends and new people from Lake Havasu. Guest singers blessed us, Brother Keyes’ preaching was outstanding as usual, Brother Branks’ testimony was striking, Rebecca baked and brought over from her home in California 300 cookies, and she and Rosalinda served them after church. It was a marvelous time.

The best part? Five people received the Holy Ghost!

Our son Andrew opened the service with a time of worship.


Denae Abbott joined her parents in uplifting music. At 15, Denae just dsc_00162released her first CD. She wrote 6 of the songs on the project.

Charley Branks spent most of his adult life in prison, and finally had been sentenced to over 200 years in the penitentiary. During his time of incarceration, he began seeking God; God revealed His word to Brother Branks and filled him with the Holy Ghost. He was dsc_00331baptized in Jesus name, then miraculously received a full parole. He is now a successful businessman, who has been serving God for more than 30 years–a unique, dynamic testimony.

Randy Keyes ministered dsc_00391in a powerful, anointed way.

Dale received dsc_0057the Holy Ghost!

Andrea received dsc_0051the Holy Ghost!

Dustin received the dsc_00301Holy Ghost!

George received dsc_0017the Holy Ghost!

Numerous ministers honored us by attending all or part of our three-day dedication/anniversary services. Among those were Gary Hogan, superintendent of the Arizona district, Robert Allen, secretary of the Arizona District, and Rick Faulkner, regional director of Spirit of Freedom. With his wife and three small sons, our grandson Joel drove all the way from Carson City, Nevada, a 10-hour drive, to be with us on Friday night. Early Saturday morning, they drove back for their own services on Sunday.

To everyone who contributed in any way, we say thank you. It was a tremendous time of worship, ministry and of fellowship.

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McKay Hatch’s No Cussing Campaign Extended to Los Angeles County

McKay Hatch is responsible for my finding it necessary to hold comments on my blog until I can check them for decency, for of everything I have written during the past three years, nothing has aroused such ire and filthy and disgusting talk as the news of McKay Hatch. This courageous youngster has made a call for us to clean up our language, beginning his campaign at his school campus in Pasadena, Ca. Because of his actions, he and his family have been castigated, and, almost unbelievably, have even received death threats.

Tomorrow the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to issue a proclamation by Supervisor Michael Antonovich making the first week in March No Cussing Week in the nation’s most populous county; 10 million people live in LA County. Again, I commend McKay Hatch for his valor and for his lofty ideals.

On Tuesday, the board is scheduled
to issue a proclamation by Supervisor Michael Antonovich making the
first week in March No Cussing Week.

That would
mean no blue language from the Mojave desert, where it gets hot as
$&# in the summer, to the Pacific Ocean, where on a winter’s day it
can get colder and nastier than %$#!

Not that
15-year-old Hatch expects complete compliance. When his No Cussing Club
meets at South Pasadena High School on Wednesdays it’s not unusual for
a nonmember to throw open the door and fire off a torrent of
four-letter words. He’s also been the target of organized harassment by

And Antonovich’s county motion carries no penalties.

it’s a good reminder for all of us, not just young people but
everybody, to be respectful to one another and watch the words we use,”
said the supervisor’s spokesman, Tony Bell.

county isn’t the first entity to try to put the lid on swearing.
Hatch’s hometown of South Pasadena declared itself a cuss-free zone for
a week last March, and two years ago a high school in Canada threatened
to suspend repeat cussers.

Hatch has lofty goals.

year I want to try to get California to have a cuss-free week. And
then, who knows, maybe worldwide,” said the 10th grader, who believes
if people treat each other with more civility they can better work
together to solve bigger problems.

Source: UP