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The Plundering of McKay Hatch’s Site

Sunday morning edit: It appears that McKay’s website has been restored. In a comment on the original blog site yesterday, his father told me they had called in the FBI.

Proponents of profanity and vulgarity have hacked into McKay Hatch’s website. They have eradicated his excellent material and have substituted their own filth, lies and obscenities. On October 19th, 2007, I wrote a piece about this unusual 14-year-old young man, who, at his junior high school in Pasadena, Ca. has established a No Cussing Club. My opening lines were:

McKay Hatch is my kind of man, for I am sick of the profanity and vulgarity that has infiltrated our society. McKay has done more than complain and fume about the situation, certainly has done far more than I have to correct the problem–he has established the No Cussing Club.

I have been blogging 21 months, during which time I have written a myriad of pieces, and have covered widely divergent subjects–some mild, placid writings; others that were of a controversial nature and that stirred up opposing views and comments. That’s generally a constructive thing, for in such a way we learn–sometimes to the extent that we may change our minds about a particular concept or proposition.

Not one of my other articles has elicited such an overwhelming amount of hate and vulgarity as has the one I wrote about McKay and his club. From my comments section I deleted vulgar talk and broke links to obscene sites, although I left some of the negative comments in place. I knew there was a distinct and palpable move to come against McKay and his principles, but I had no idea these people would stoop to such base and appalling action.

The actions of this courageous young man have emboldened a group of people who seem bent on destroying McKay’s work, who seem set on deprecating this young man who has the nerve and fortitude to speak against vile and filthy language. His father reports the family has even received death threats.

Now his website has been hacked. His picture has been removed from his site, (and thus from ours), and one of the banners reads, WE NOW CUSS. A line of print describes McKay as recanting on his no cussing pledge, and shows a book, formerly titled, “How To Raise a G-Rated Family in an X-Rated World ” to be now entitled, “How to Raise an X-Rated Family in an X-Rated World.” Vile, pounding music can be heard.

I’m not sure what is to be done about this. I will be contacting the father by email to let him know of my concern, and I will keep you up to date on any developments. Let us pray for the entire Hatch family.


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Anguish and Forgiveness

To plumb the depths of a person and there find pristine virtue and untarnished valor is rare, seldom sighted among us, notable because of its infrequent reality. To detect its presence in a lighted eye neath the furrow of sincere brow, to catch a drift of telling word and its corroborating moves–moves that signal not only the philosophy, but the exhibition of this thing called forgiveness, is an almost unknown factor in our jaded society. I mean real forgiveness, gut-wrenching forgiveness, ghastly forgiveness. Forgiveness that stops the world, that snaps to attention the heads of men and women across the globe. It matters not our divergence, our cut, our color or our class…for when we see it and hear it and know it, we understand that we are seeing, hearing and knowing God. It’s that rare.

The Nickel Mines Amish did it. They showed us Forgiveness. Awful forgiveness, anguished forgiveness, bloody forgiveness.

Recall that just over a year ago these Amish people–a religious group who lived in Nickel Mines, Pa. on farms without electricity and other modern conveniences had their lives splintered into untold agony when a person who lived in the area, their milkman, Charles Roberts, burst into a one-room schoolhouse, and shot ten young girls. Five of them died. Unbelievably, during these atrocious actions, one of the girls, 13-year-old Marian Fisher, offered to be killed first, thinking perhaps the others would be saved. The most telling of all is that within hours of the murders, these beautiful Amish people–the families of the slain children–not only spoke of forgiving Charles Roberts, but visited his wife and children and gave them food and money.

Picture and the following from the Pittsburg Post Gazette

Horrified strangers worldwide sent $4.3 million to the Nickel Mines Amish settlement in Bart, Lancaster County. But the Amish, who have no insurance, used the gifts for more than medical bills.

They gave shares to local emergency services that came to their aid and, in a move that caught the world’s imagination, to the widow and children of the man who murdered their daughters.

“It certainly means a lot for us to spend some time with the families,” Miller said after their meeting together on the anniversary of the shooting. “There’s no other place we would have rather been this morning.”

Also attending were community members, state troopers and officials from Virginia Tech, where a gunman killed 32 students and faculty members in April, Miller said.

Though grateful for all the help and sympathy it has received, the Amish community is hoping to be left alone as much as possible Tuesday during the actual anniversary of the shootings.

The New Hope Amish School, which replaced the one torn down after the attack, was closed Monday and will remain shut Tuesday.

Read more here.

Now consider this–also from the Pittsburg Post Gazette

Not everyone affirms the Amish response.

Rabbi Alvin Berkun, rabbi emeritus of Tree of Life Congregation, Squirrel Hill, and president of the Rabbinical Assembly, the international organization of Conservative Rabbis, applauds the Amish care for Amy Roberts, but not their forgiveness of Charles Roberts.

“In Judaism, there are some strings attached. I have to say I’m sorry for what I did, I have to resolve not to repeat that pattern of behavior again and I have to ask those I harmed to forgive me,” he said.

“Letting somebody off the hook even though they are dead doesn’t sit well with me. Society can’t function when you just wipe the slate clean constantly. He did a horrendous, horrendous thing and he did absolutely nothing to repent.”

This post was difficult for me to put together, and I truly can say as I finish here, that from the skin of my body to my inward parts, I am shaken, and at this moment physically tremble. I knew when I broached the subject it would be difficult. For in trying to be honest with myself, I wonder…I truly wonder…could I forgive such an assault on my family as did the Amish in Nickel Springs? Am I that Godly? If I’m not, why not? Is such forgiveness indeed Godliness?

What about you? Do you have it within you to exhibit such a sterling quality? Have you been challenged in your resolve to forgive those who wrong you? Ever had to extend forgiveness when it really hurt, when it caused anguish? Do you perhaps agree with Rabbi Berkun that forgiveness in this instance is misplaced?


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Remembering…, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

I cannot go to bed on this significant day without posting a few comments that speak to the condition of my beloved country. Unless we come to our senses, I truly fear for the future of the United States of America.

The behavior of many of our senators is outrageous and incomprehensible. To speak with such disrespect and disdain to General David Patraeus (beginning even before he said a word) as he appeared to present his report before the senate yesterday and today was patently pompous, crasse and shameful. The despicable attack on his character by in the New York Times should be condemned by everyone. General Betray Us, he was called in the ad sponsored by the far left activist group. Several Members of Congress have spoken against the slanderous ad, while others–including some who are running for the presidency of the United States–have not.

Such behavior directed to a four-star general whom the senate unanimously voted to confirm, is a burning shame. Such stinging castigation and besmirching jabs are inglorious and unworthy of our leaders and of our country, still the greatest in the world.

I call your attention to the Word of God as the prophet Isaiah speaks:

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20


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Outrageous: Keith Ellison Compares President Bush to Hitler

By now, nothing should astonish me…however: That a congressman who claims to be interested in the welfare of the United States of America and who has pledged himself to serve our country and its principles, should make a preposterous, derogatory statement that compares our president, George W. Bush, to the mass murderer, Adolph Hiter, is inexcusable and indefensible. I’m truly outraged. He has insulted our leader and our country. While I know he has the liberty to say whatever he wishes, given that he serves in the greatest country in the world, and one of the hallmarks of our nation is the freedom of speech, it is telling that he seems not to understand expediency and honor. A patriot, he seems not to be.

Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, is defending himself Monday after comparing President Bush to Adolf Hitler and leaving the impression the administration may have rigged the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

Speaking to an atheist group on July 8, Ellison said that the president acted much the way Hitler did when the Reichstag, or German Parliament building, was burned in 1933 ahead of elections that pitted Hitler’s Nazi Party against others, including the Communists. Hitler, who was suspected of ordering the fire, declared emergency powers that helped him launch his dictatorial and murderous reign.

“It’s almost like the Reichstag fire, kind of reminds me of that,” Ellison told the group, according to The Minneapolis Star Tribune. “After the Reichstag was burned, they blamed the Communists for it and it put the leader of that country [Hitler] in a position where he could basically have authority to do whatever he wanted.”

Click here to read The Minneapolis Star Tribune article.

During his speech, Ellison went on to tell the 350-member Atheists for Human Rights: “I’m not saying [Sept. 11] was a [U.S.] plan, or anything like that, because, you know, that’s how they put you in the nut-ball box — dismiss you.”

Click here to read the complete article from Fox News


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Zina’s Death is Outrageous

An illegal immigrant–a known sex offender–is being held as a suspect in the murder of this beautiful child, after leading authorities to her grave. Tell me, if you can, why such a person is allowed to remain in our country? Tell me! Why? What possible reason can there be?

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials said Adhahn was convicted in 1990 of first-degree incest ( and that) is the basis for his detention, which should have led to the man’s deportation.

But a search by of the state’s voter registration records shows that Adhahn registered in 2002, and his registration was current.

Court documents state he underwent court-ordered psychological evaluation and was diagnosed with pedophilia as part of the case, the Tacoma News Tribune reported. (from Fox News) more here.

Seventeen years after he was convicted of first degree incest, this illegal alien was still roaming around in our country. Why was he not deported? Why? This is outrageous.

My heart and prayers are with Zina’s family.

Working on her Pappy’s computer and sitting beside me at this moment in DJs rec room, is my 12-year-old granddaughter, Chloe. When I consider such a thing happening to her, a red-hot rage swells in me. Why aren’t our laws enforced? Tell me, why. Something is wrong, drastically wrong.


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Muslim Prayer Allowed in San Diego–Christian Prayer Denied in Bayonne

Somehow I missed hearing about this story until yesterday, and when I did so, I listened carefully, then read thoroughly about this development. My ire is raised…for it is reported that in Carver, a San Diego elementary public school, a time during class hours has been set aside for Muslim led prayers, and that the school is now offering classes in Arabic.

Carver school no longer serves pork and other foods which conflict with fundamental Muslims diet restrictions. In addition, single gender classes for girls have been set up there.

When I read this, my mind raced to Jeremy Jerschina, the valedictorian of his graduating class, who was forbidden to include a prayer in his address to the assembled people during the ceremonies.

Please carefully read both of these accounts …and think…what you’re reading. It’s outrageous!

Muslim prayers in school debated

S.D. elementary at center of dispute

By Helen Gao
STAFF WRITER San Diego Tribute

July 2, 2007

A San Diego public school has become part of a national debate over religion in schools ever since a substitute teacher publicly condemned an Arabic language program that gives Muslim students time for prayer during school hours.

Carver Elementary in Oak Park added Arabic to its curriculum in September when it suddenly absorbed more than 100 students from a defunct charter school that had served mostly Somali Muslims.

OVERVIEW Background: The U.S. Department of Education’s guidelines say students can pray at public schools during school hours by themselves or with fellow students. However, Šteachers and other public school officials may not lead their classes in prayer, devotional readings from the Bible or other religious activities. What’s happening: A substitute teacher claimed that Carver Elementary School in San Diego was indoctrinating students into Islam, and that a teacher’s aide led Muslim children in prayer. An investigation failed to substantiate the claims, but the allegations have thrust Carver into a nationwide debate over prayer in schools. The future: Carver, which has set aside a 15-minute break to allow time for students to pray, is considering alternative prayer accommodations. Religious and civil rights groups are monitoring developments.

After subbing at Carver, the teacher claimed that religious indoctrination was taking place and said that a school aide had led Muslim students in prayer.

An investigation by the San Diego Unified School District failed to substantiate the allegations. But critics continue to assail Carver for providing a 15-minute break in the classroom each afternoon to accommodate Muslim students who wish to pray. (Those who don’t pray can read or write during that non-instructional time.)

Some say the arrangement at Carver constitutes special treatment for a specific religion that is not extended to other faiths. Others believe it crosses the line into endorsement of religion.

Article continues here.

The Bayonne High School graduation ceremonies on July 20 were marred by a controversy over the inclusion of a prayer in this year’s Valedictory Address.

Traditionally, the top student of the graduating class speaks during the ceremonies, often expressing feelings about the past and hopes for the future.

But a few days before the June 20 ceremonies, Jeremy Jerschina – this year’s valedictorian – was asked to submit his speech for review.

The speech ended with a prayer to God, which was deemed unacceptable by school officials.

The article continues here.

Here is Jeremy’s “offensive” prayer:

Dear God,
I am to You forever grateful for Your Creation. You placed Your eternal Hand upon the Earth and created Man. You have created him of every tongue and race, and gave him the capacity to grasp at least some of the vast multiplicity which You precisely engineered.
Thank You, Lord, for bringing us together tonight to celebrate both our achievements and those individuals who have helped lead us to this level of accomplishment.
Also, lest we forget about You in the midst of our individual successes, I ask You impart in us an understanding and remembrance of Your omnipresent power and might.
Lord, I pray that You guide, protect and bless us.
I give You all praise and honor for Your Creation, for Your love, for Your mercy, and for the life that You proffer to us daily. In Jesus Christ’s Name, Amen.

What is wrong with our country, our Christian nation formed on Judeao-Christian values? What has happened to our throats that sing loudly, God Bless America, and on whose coins is stamped In God We Trust?

Who is behind these wretched decisions that provide for Muslims to have special menus, class arrangements and adult led prayers during class time, but who deny a high school valedictorian the opportunity to say a godly prayer in which Jesus Christ is mentioned? Something is terribly wrong here.

I will get lots of flack from this post–I know that, but I am prepared for it. I hope too, that you who are of like thinking as I, will also speak. We must not be silent against the terrible war that is raging against our country, and that threatens to destroy the freedom to practice our cherished Judeo-Christian values–values that were brought at great price.


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The Banning of Harry Potter Books

Picture from Fox News

This morning on Fox News I heard quite a discussion concerning the banning of Harry Potter books. I’ve heard such discussions before, but this is the latest one. It seems Laura Mallory has tried to have these books removed from school libraries in Gwinnett county, GA. Subsequent to the superior court judge ruling against her, Ms. Mallory is now threatening to take her case to the a federal court.

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — The adventures of boy wizard Harry Potter can stay in Gwinnett County school libraries, despite a mother’s objections, a judge ruled Tuesday.

Laura Mallory, who argued the popular fiction series is an attempt to indoctrinate children in witchcraft, said she still wants the best-selling books removed and may take her case to federal court.

“I maybe need a whole new case from the ground up,” said Mallory, who was not represented by an attorney at the hearing.

Superior Court Judge Ronnie Batchelor’s ruling upheld a decision by the Georgia Board of Education, which had supported local school officials.

Ms. Mallory argues that the Harry Potter books idealize witchcraft, and even cited statistics which she said indicate that large numbers of students, after reading these books, have inquired about the process of becoming a witch and are being directed in that way.

I have never read Harry Potter books, and have heard pros and cons about their merits. On one hand, I know there is a real surge among the world of black, ugly, and gothic darkness, which no doubt is a negative force among our young people.

On the other hand, I read Fairy Tales when I was a child, (and have read them to my children and grandchildren). In an honest look at those stories now, I see that some of them involved what might be considered unacceptable material. Think bubbling cauldrons, and cackling witches. Are those things harmful?…or innocent childhood stories? Are Harry Potter books harmful? Are they innocently written, or do they indeed glorify witchcraft, and lead youngsters down that road?

I’m interested in your opinions.


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Lessons From a Monster

There can be no question but that we are in a crisis here in the United States. The monstrous actions on Monday which wiped away thirty-three people have caused many of us to examine ourselves and to think deeply of the varied issues about which these despicable acts shout. Perhaps our candid speaking to these problems—and of reviewing the strengths and successes of our country as revealed during these past days—may spin out a modicum of unexpected hope, progression and goodness.

I have a list—in no particular order—and a few comments. I’m sure many of you have thought of other lessons and commendations, and I’m hoping you will add them here. I believe your comments will be varied, thoughtful and many.

1. We should consider the changing of our gun laws. It is timely to think of the scope of our laws and to consider change. Both more and less restrictive regulations should be given thought. We must think rationally about this. Shall we as Canada forbid any citizens from possessing guns (remember, criminals will ignore such laws) or should we make it easier for ordinary people to carry hand guns? Would lives have been saved in Virginia had other students had guns, or had there been armed guards in all the buildings? Or, would such a thing set us up for more shootings on campuses and other places?

2. No person who has been deemed mentally ill should be allowed to purchase guns. I understand there may already be such federal laws.

3. We cannot lock down the universe.

4. The person responsible for Monday’s shooting is now dead.

5. It is morally wrong to taunt people. Such taunting and teasing almost certainly contributes to the grief and degradation of mentally and emotionally weakened people. We should begin early to teach this principle to our children.

6. We must be our “brother’s keeper.”

7. It is impossible to prevent all evil happenings.

8. We must rethink our mental health privacy laws. Parents must be notified when a school deems their child to have a mental illness.

9. Teachers, students and parents must report criminal actions. In doing so, however, we must avoid draconian measures and ill-considered “witch-hunts.”

10. Some individual freedoms may have to be sacrificed for the good of society.

11. Such vile events should not be given a political face.

12. Americans are compassionate, kind and forgiving.

13. When a student is diagnosed as a danger to others and himself, he should no longer be allowed on campus.

14. When a teacher considers a student such a threat that she no longer will have him/her as a student, that student should not be allowed on campus.

15. We need to personally consider our own safety. None of us can come up with a perfect plan for every disaster that may strike, but in the back of our minds, we must bear the thought that one day we may be faced with such an emergency.

16. We cannot allow ourselves to become paranoid. We will continue with our daily activities, ever vigilant and watchful, but the evil actions of a infinitesimal minority will not keep us prisioners in our homes.

17. There are heroes among us–many of them. The heroes far outnumber and outweigh the monsters.

18. America will prevail. They play the clip frequently over the radio and it thrills me every time I hear a person firmly say, “We will prevail. We are Virginia Tech!”

We people of the United States of America are strong and enduring. After 9/11 we refused to be intimidated by terrorists and others of their ilk. We boarded planes, walked city streets, cleaned up debris, drew plans for rebuilding, hoisted our flag, fought, worked and prevailed.

On Friday, Wall Street closed at near record levels.

We are America. We will prevail!

I’m leaving this post up until Monday. Please let me hear your thoughts.


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Are Some Persons Born Inherently Evil?

It is a subject about which I have often thought, and have a few times discussed with others. I strongly suspect that no one can have the answer, but such an event as that in Virginia on Monday causes me again to ponder the subject. Are there some persons who are “born evil?”

I certainly prefer to think that not to be the case, but when I consider the heinous crimes that are committed by some people, the thought bears consideration. Surely no sane human being can maim and slaughter fellow humans. Yet, historically, many persons who have done just that have endured extensive psychological examinations and have subsequently been deemed sane. How can that be? Are all such people, despite their testing results, to be considered insane?…or can “pure” evil enter a person to the extent that such atrocities are happily committed?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights about this subject.

Virginia Tech Shooter Worried Parents as a Child


The grandfather of the gunman in the Virginia Tech shooting massacre on Monday told two South Korean newspapers that his grandson, Cho Seung-Hui, “troubled” his parents as a young boy because he was so non-communicative. Cho’s grandfather asked that he only be identified as Mr. Kim in an interview with Dong-A Ilbo.

“Seung-Hui troubled his parents when he was young because he wouldn’t talk, but he was well-behaved,” Kim said. “I don’t know how I can compensate for the responsibility for raising my kids improperly….I don’t know how he could do this when his parents went to a country far away and worked hard.”

Cho’s parents came to the United States 15 years ago without much money. They worked as dry cleaners.

Article from WiredBlog.


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