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Out and About in Lake Havasu

Summer Road Trip Day 2 Friday, June 3

Gorgeous weather in Lake Havasu today, although, even with moderate June temperatures here, it is a jolt from Crestline, where our spring has been a cool one. We were still using our furnace in the mornings before we left. No furnace here; fans and air conditioners instead. Small annoyances in the motor home are the sounds of the fans and the air conditioners.

This was a busy, fun, profitable day in several areas.

1. BACKSLIDING…the bitter bite of beelzebub

Early in the morning, I made a cd of the 168 page manuscript, ran it down to Staples and ordered ten sets, which I will use to send out for critiques and for editing. They are so nice at the Staples store here. She ran me a proof, I signed off on it, understanding it would be ready by 4:00.

2. Peanut brittle

“You do what you have to do.” “You make it work.” “It is what it is.” Christ Alive is a gung-ho home missions church with an upbeat, positive attitude. They sell peanut brittle like crazy in several businesses around town, with nice displays at the airport, restaurants, beauty shops and the like.  They need a kitchen. “We’ll make it in my garage,” Mike decided. AND WE DID! Portable gas camp stove, boiling cauldron of water to clean the pans…Marvelous! So neat I happened to be here to help get the garage kitchen set up and give a few pointers about cooking the delicious candy. Onward, Church!

3. The old Wal-Mart building is becoming a Hobby Lobby!

4. Shopped at Wal-Mart for groceries and a few supplies for the empty larder in the motor home.

5. Phone call from Staples. Print job ready several hours early. $110.37 print bill. When I picked it up, I ordered a laminated poster for my book, LINK TO EXCELLENCE. I’ll be pushing book sales in the churches during this trip. I don’t like this part of book writing, as I am not a good promoter of my work. It embarrasses me…but neither do I like having boxes of books in the basement at Crestline. 🙂 So here goes! Book promo time! Step right up! Blue light specials coming to a church near you!

5. While I was in Wal-Mart, I received a phone call from Crystal, one of our sweet converts from our CIP classes here in Lake Havasu. She had dropped by the motor home for a little visit. “I’m checking out in a few minutes. Wait for me,” I told her. Emily is one of her children, a 3-year-old beauty.

6. I don’t know of a finer hostess than is sweet Melina. She is an exceptional cook, and presents her meals in beautiful, creative ways. She and Mike are the greatest couple; he does an exceptional job at the grill. Appetizers at 6:00, followed around 7:00 by the tastiest of lamb chops, fresh corn on the cob, a salad of fresh spinach, candied pecans, strawberries and mandarin oranges, so delicious I was gazing into the bowl wanting more, when all the while my tummy was saying, No! Garlic bread, watermelon…After we were in the motor home almost ready for bed came a pounding on our door. Mike handed in a tall cup of ice cream–coffee with chocolate covered almonds! “Try this, Mom.” We couldn’t, though, and it awaits us now in the freezer.

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An Amazing Encounter with Yaweh

An amazing encounter here with Yaweh, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, with Jesus. What love, what devotion, what truth.


Watch Your Mouth, California

Of all the pieces I’ve written over the four years that I have maintained this blog, the reporting of McKay Hatch received more negative and offensive remarks than anything I’ve covered. Remember him? The 13 year old Pasadena youngster began a “no-cussing” club, and unbelievably, he began receiving death threats because of his actions. I cover the entire story in the linked article here.

Despite ridicule and death threats, McKay has persisted with his very successful program, and now has chapters around the world. A few hours ago, came the report that the California Assembly has passed a resolution declaring the first week of March each year as “Cuss-Free Week.”

Once more, I salute McKay Hatch for his principled, brave actions. Again, I say, there are some fine young people in this world.

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Bethany’s Hope

For more than six years, Janiver Brown of Napa, Ca. fought valiantly, but unsuccessfully, against the cancer that had invaded her body. A few days ago, this extraordinary woman slipped from her earthly form, as her rare and splendid spirit settled surely into the hands of God.

Bethany is one of her daughters, a brilliant young woman who last year graduated Summa Cum Laude from Sacramento State University. At one of the places where she writes, I came across this elegant piece, and after communicating with her was given permission to post it here on my blog. I offer this as a tribute to both Janiver Brown and her daughter Bethany who wrote these moving words.


Thoroughly anticipated
This did not strike from the darkness.
It was not a shock.
And yet—
It was.
It’s like watching a slow motion punch coming at your face.
You can see it coming;
You know it’s coming;
And yet when it connects it doesn’t hurt any less for that knowledge.
And hurt it does.
She’s with God.
My head knows that,
Yet my heart grieves.
We were prepared,
And yet we weren’t,
For who can prepare for something like this?
It is impossible:
It strikes at our core,
The part of us that denies reality,
That says, “it will never happen,”
While our surface thoughts pretend that we knew it would happen all along.
And as it strikes that core,
A little part of us is torn away.
The part that became intertwined,
Dependent upon
That person’s life.
And that little part can never be replaced.
Scar tissue will cover it,
Scar tissue will mask its removal,
Scar tissue will hide the hole,
Even as scar tissue boldly declares the absence of the original.
It staggers you.
It affects your entire body;
Not just your emotional well-being,
Your spiritual, your physical, your mental well-being.
It makes you want to curl up in a corner
And cry and cry and cry
Until no more tears will come,
Until the tears wash away the pain and the sorrow,
Until the tears wash away the grief and the anguish,
Until the tears wash away the gaping hole.
But they can never wash it all away.
If the pain, the sorrow, the grief, the anguish ever totally disappeared
Then the memory would be gone.
And that is the last thing that holds them to us.
The pain, the sorrow, the grief, the anguish will fade,
But God forbid they vanish.
They will ebb,
But God forbid they disappear.
Life becomes meaningless.
Reality becomes a joke.
For how can one go on when one is only partly there?
How can one laugh when the source of laughter has departed?
How can one continue a regular existence when existence has lost its life?
Only God knows.
And yet—
We do.
We continue.
We are.
We exist.
Carrying on, trying to fill the hole, looking to God for mercy and strength,
Trying not to feel,
Never daring to hope to heal,
As the world spins around us
A mockery of what it was.
Bland and colorless,
Threatening to leave us behind
If we cannot keep up.
The world never understands.
We can only trust and follow
When trusting and following are hardest;
Accepting His will
When we don’t understand;
Believing His word
When it isn’t what we want to hear;
And try to rest in His assurance
When rest is the hardest.
We are following in the dark
Searching for the light
And committing ourselves to His everlasting care.
And always praying that we too,
Like those who have gone before us,
Shall see Him in His glory
And His power,
Surrounded by those who have lived faithfully and righteously—
And those who have left us to see Him—
This is our hope
And this hope is enough

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Janiver Brown and Heaven

I can’t recall when in such a brief period so many people who are significant to me have gone to meet Jesus. This morning the final call came to my beautiful, longtime friend, Jan Brown. With certain peace, she left this world, and now occupies a timeless, invisible place. She rests in eternity with Jesus.

Jan was a preacher’s wife; her husband, Clayton, is the pastor of a United Pentecostal church in Napa, CA. It is impossible to imagine a sweeter, more godly person than was Jan. Truly I feel exceedingly blessed to have been in her circle of acquaintances. She was an exceptional person. And now she is gone, leaving a wonderful family; two sons, two daughters, and her dear husband.

Her husband briefly writes of the conclusion of her earthly life in this way:

“Janiver laid down her cares and took the hand of Jesus this morning at 3:00am. She passed very peacefully with no struggle. I can only image the glories she is experiencing now and for eternity. I know it will be a challenge for us to redefine “normal” now. The larger someone is in your life, the bigger the hole they leave when they are gone. But God will see us through. Love to each of you! Clayton”

A song rings in my ears tonight as I consider Heaven, its glory, its mystery.  Many who are dear to me are gathered there tonight.

“What a day that will be when my Jesus I will see

When I look upon His face, the One who saved me by His grace.

When He takes me by the hand, leads me through the Promised Land.

What a day, glorious day that will be.”

For sure I don’t know how it all works, but I just wonder…is Jesus showing Janiver around tonight? Has she talked with Sister Freeman and Brother Hyde who just arrived there last week? Has she dipped a toe in the River of Life or  bent down to rub her hand across a golden street? Has she met up with the Patriarchs, the Apostles, or David…who was a man after God’s own heart? Has she paused to gaze in awe at the splendor of Heaven? Can she peer down and see a million galaxies…or the precisely ordered spin of our planet–the one we call earth?

We don’t know. But of this I am sure; Jan is safe with Jesus, freed at last from the terrors of this earth, from her cancer riddled body, from fear, from pain, from dread and uncertainty.

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Sister Freeman About to Make Her Final Trip

A touching update has been sent to me concerning Sister Freeman: it seems she is about to make the most exciting trip of her life. What a truly remarkable woman she is, and in a very short time, she will gaze upon the face of Jesus–the One she has served so graciously and so powerfully for most of her life. I’m praying for an easy, peaceful transition, and I know you will also.

Kneemail Says:

Nona Freeman Update December 16, 2009

Dear Friends, Fans and partners of Nona Freeman Ministry ;
Greetings in the name of Jesus;

This is an update about Sister Nona Freeman’s condition. As you were advised on December 8, 2009 hospice has been called in to her. Since then she has lost so much strength and is no longer able to even feed herself. This week a hospital bed was brought to her home to better care for her and she made the statement. ‘This is the where I will go to meet God.’ At that time it did not seem it would be a reality but even today she is weakened. Unless it is the will of God to intervene her home going could be anytime due to her present condition. She is not in any pain but at times is non-responsive nor has the strength to communicate.
Next to Jesus and her ministry, her family, friends and supporters has always been her life. Per her own conversations to her staff this past week; it is her desire for her messages and devotionals on various forums to be continued. She personally spent time last week to prepare this and made the statement, ‘I have spent hours writing in airports, hotel rooms or other places for publications and recordings that I leave behind for the work of God. It is my desire my postings continue because so many are hurting and I won’t be here.’ True to her word, she has left months of prepared messages.
Some of her family is with her and are doing everything possible to see she is comfortable. Every conversation is about her longing to see Jesus then ‘My Bug’ her beloved husband of 62 years also now gone on to be with the Lord.
Where most of us have traveled areas she traveled CONTINENTS for the name of Jesus but now is anxious to reap her reward. Everyone is so supportive and the Nona Freeman family wants to advise everyone of her weakened condition because even they are shocked and asks for your prayers in the days ahead. Not only is it their mother, grandmother, etc., but a gospel legend that has blazed the Apostolic trail for us to follow.
Anyone desiring to do so may leave a message or comment. What better time to say, ‘Thank you for giving to the Lord’ to Sister Nona Freeman; and to her beloved family’s thanks for sharing her with the world.’
There will be updates posted daily. Blessings in the name of Jesus.

Nona Freeman Ministry

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Beloved Nona Freeman Under Hospice Care

This message from our beloved Nona Freeman was posted today  by “Kneemail” in the comment section of one of my other pieces. (There is a video of Sister Freeman in that piece.) I’m taking the liberty of making it a separate post so that these beautiful words may be read by more persons. Sometimes we wait until after persons have gone to tell them how special they are, and how much they have blessed our lives. Let’s not let that happen with Sister Freeman. After you read her letter, if she has ministered to you, please tell of it in the comment section. I will let her family know of this column.

Through the years, Sister Freeman has been a tremendous source of inspiration to me. Now in her waning days, I want her to know that I love and respect her, and that her books, stories, sacrifices and messages have surely enriched our entire Apostolic movement. It won’t be long now, Sister Freeman, until together we will bow before that majestic throne of Jesus, our Saviour, the one who has saved us, and has made us brothers and sisters in Him. Happy day! What a happy day! Come, Lord Jesus.

Dear Friends and Fans of Nona Freeman; December 8, 2009

Greetings in the name of Jesus. This is just to update everyone about my condition. The Lord has blessed me to live 93 wonderful years and as the lyrics record truly, ‘I Don’t Regret A Mile I’ve Traveled For The Lord.’ God has been my constant love and keeper. I marked my 70th year in the ministry April 12, 2009. My life has been one amazing blessing and miracle after another. I had a loving childhood; married a man that I still love to this day and God blessed me with five amazing children.

We were called to Africa but long before we got to go there our hearts were there; then 41 years later we returned to the United States. After the death of my beloved husband ‘E.L. ‘Bug’ Freeman in 1999 my wonderful daughter Sandra Freeman has devoted her life to seeing I have been able to continue my ministry that God called me to when I was but a child. I am blessed to still enjoy the benefits of my new computer my supporters blessed me with for my 70th ministerial anniversary that I am sending this message to you on.

I am sorry but I am no longer able to continue my schedule due to my health from sickness I suffered in January 2009. God has blessed me not only with a wonderful daughter to see I can carry on my ministry but wonderful aides that devote their time to see the work of Nona Freeman; my ministry, my books and messages can still go out.
I am sorry I am not nor have been able to take personal calls as I desire and have done so in the past; my energy just does not allow it now.

For a few weeks now I have been under the care of hospice that comes to my home. Please bear in mind; I am in no pain but I am ready for God to take me. I am getting weaker. I have fought a good fight; I have kept the faith and I have traveled the world in obedience to Gods call on my life to answer the call God placed on mine and Bugs heart to carry this Jesus name gospel. Our ministry has been our life. I have the greatest family a person could ever have but I am ready to see my Jesus, my mother and my daughter Marla now gone to be with the Lord; many other loved ones, prophets and apostles of old. But next to Jesus my heart is so longing to see my ‘Bug’. I miss him more every day.

I am honored for every prayer that has been prayed for me and ask your continual prayers in the days ahead. May all of my precious supporters have the best holiday and my prayer is not only for 2010 but the rest of your lives be filled with the blessings of Jesus. Please remember me and the name of Jesus I have and will always uphold. Until we meet again, Sister Nona Freeman

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“…a dream, or a gift of God?”

“Is it a dream, or a gift of God?” the mother asked.

The absolute silence was broken as the judge announced the lab results of the DNA study. She listened intently, hardly able to breathe…then Yes! fifty-eight year Fatima Mohammed Salih knew for sure it was her son who stood before them. Her son. Twenty-one year old Ali Pour, the only remaining one of her seven children; the others, along with her husband, having died on that horrific long-ago day. A lethal chemical attack by Saddam Hussein’s regime had wiped out the family…except for the mother and her infant son.

She recalled the day Halabja was attacked. The family was at home. There was utter panic. They first ran into the streets and then went back inside.

“We didn’t know where to go,” she said. “Zimnaku, the 4-month-old, was on my lap and suddenly my older son screamed saying, “Mother, I feel like I’m burning.’ I tried to help him and my other sons, too. But it was in vain. I saw them dying in front of me. I collapsed and the next thing I remember is lying in a hospital bed in Tehran.”

The reunion Friday in Iraq’s northern Kurdish region was the rarest of artifacts from Halabja: a moment of joy from the day the city became an open cemetery for an estimated 5,600 people killed when lethal gas was dropped by Saddam’s military.

It was part of Saddam’s brutal 1987-88 campaign to crush a Kurdish rebellion. Nearly 200,000 people died in Baghdad’s scorched-earth offensive.

Source: AP Fox News

And now for the first time in more than two decades, the two people embraced, 21-year-old Ali Pour comforting his weeping mother. And then she repeated her son’s birth name: Zimnaku Mohammed Saleh.

Later, through translators, Ali told what he knew of his story, and the bits and pieces were fitted together for a final picture. The infant Ali had somehow survived the initial attack, and was found three days later by Iranian military who took him to a hospital from where he was adopted. When he was six years old his wonderful adoptive mother told Ali his history, making him aware that he had been born in the Kurdish part of the country, and suggesting that once he was grown, he might want to find his relatives. Four months later, she was killed in an automobile accident.

As an adult, Pour contacted Iranian officials, and through painstaking study, perusals of records, and finally of a DNA examination, Ali was reunited with his mother.

From across the world, from a unique perspective, from another mother’s heart, and with truth, I believe I can answer this precious mother who stammered the question: “Is it a dream, or a gift of God?”

It is a gift of God, dear friend, dear mother. It is a gift of God.

And what a season for us to know your story, the beautiful, poignant account of a mother whose family, in a heinous evil act, was snatched from her, but who, through the persistence of a loving son, and through the grace and mercy of a loving God, has allowed this remarkable reunion…

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Veterans Day and Fort Hood

From my heart today–this Veterans Day 2009–I speak my appreciation and gratitude for every person who has served our country by involvement in the military division of the United States of America. At times unsung, unappreciated, misunderstood, forgotten–you have yet stood your post, and kept your charge. You have guarded my babies and me. You have kept us safe. Thank you.

Many of you have made the supreme sacrifice, shedding your blood on both foreign soil, and recently and sadly, on our own earth–the earth of America. Thank you.


Many of you are now elderly, shaking and unsteady.

And some…were mere babies. Thank you…and to the families, my thoughts and prayers.victims_300x90

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“Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall!”

I cannot let this day pass without noting the significant event that shook the world 20 years ago today. Nor can I mute my mouth and fail to give credit to President Ronald Reagan whose bold words and courageous demeanor contributed to the destruction of the wall; an ugly wall that divided the city of Berlin–East from West, Freedom from Subjugation. Standing before the Brandenberg Gate, often noted as a symbol of communism, the President of the United States spoke directly to the communist leader:

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

The press paid little attention to the speech, except that the Soviet Tass spoke of Reagan as giving an “openly provocative, war-mongering speech.”

But within months, the wall had fallen–chiseled, hammered, clawed at, and axed. Deliverance had come to Berlin.

I’ve brought over a couple of videos. One is of President Reagan speaking the historic words; the other is a moving account of the destruction of the Berlin Wall by photographer Anthony Suau.

…I long for President Reagan, the liberator…I long for his courage, conservatism, honor, and love for our country, these United States of America.