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Blogging and Great-Grandchildren

Short post this will be. I'll be back later–I think–with real writing, but at this moment, I have in my possession a 2 1/2 year old great-grandchild. Quite interesting as I try to get in a word or two here. 🙂 Wish me well.

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Monday Sevens –Blogging–

Announcing this week's Monday Sevens:

* 1. Blogging and Christianity

* 2. Blogging terms and links

* 3. Reasons for blogging

* 4. Grand-kids and blogging

* 5. The future of blogging

* 6. How is blogging free?

* 7. Blogging and world connections






Of Michael and Me

…or is it Michael and I? Never can get those two things straight, but for today it will be Michael and Me. Like the way the two Ms sound and look.

Michael is my second born son. Steve was first and when he was 22 months old, Michael was born. Steve has lovely olive skin and matching dark eyes and hair. He has always been precocious and was quite the little man when his brother was born. Probably my favorite picture of Steve is the one where he is wearing a derby hat; his eyes sparkle and his grin is of the "catch me if you can" variety". I recall well his clowning that day and playing to the photographer. They loved him and snapped a large number of frames. Smart people, the photographers, for they know when the mamas and daddies see their sweethearts in such charming poses, money will exchange hands and many picture packets will be clutched by the parents as they leave the studio.

Michael was fair skinned with blue eyes and a bald head when he was born, which a few months later sprouted blond curls. Those boys of mine were so charming, but with such different coloring, people more than once asked me if they were indeed brothers.

For the benefit of the readers of these pages who do not know me, I need to tell you that I am a Christian, of the Pentecostal variety; that I was born to a preacher, and that I married a preacher. God, His people and the work of the church are at the core of my existence. God is of utmost importance and significance, for He shapes my earthly life and prepares me for the next. I plan to spend it in Heaven with Him and with all who have prepared themselves to go there.

Michael grew into adulthood and strayed from the teachings of the Bible. Always a good person, he did not reject the Bible and his childhood training, just didn't live it out. He built a very large business and became quite successful. Last August, through a series of incidents that I will write about some day, he "came to his senses," changed his direction and is now walking with God.

Last Friday, I spoke a lesson to the women in a ladies conference–a lesson of faith and hope concerning their children. Michael concluded the session with the testimony of recovery from his stumbling steps. His words "brought the house down" because of his deep-felt passion and his obvious sincerity. It ministered to many mothers whose sons and daughters also need new direction.

Today, Michael and I fly to Sacramento. Tomorrow we address another group of ladies with the same beautiful and thrilling story. He flies out of Las Vegas, I from Ontario, CA.

"Kill the fatted calf," cried the father when he saw the prodigal. "My son has come home!"