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The View From Our Condo in Keystone, Colorado

DSC_0236, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

Our condo in Keystone had glass walls and sliding doors overlooking this lake, which in the winter time completely freezes, so that it is used for ice skating. The view was nothing short of spectacular. The elevation was 9300 feet, and although it didn’t bother Jerry and me too much, it was a challenge for some of the other speakers. Since we live at 5000 feet, the adjustment was easier for us, I believe, although at times, I felt a bit short of breath.

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Winning Picture by Max Pickering

A few minutes ago, I came across this winning picture. It’s appeal to me is staggering and I wanted to share it with you. Actually you can click on the others and take a look at them too. The theme was SHELTERS. I also like 7 and 8. What are your favorites?

IMPORTANT UPDATE Oct. 2: Max Pickering has won the contest and has been named the BBC 2006 Photographer of the Year. Read more and see his personal picture here.

In picture

s: Shelter

9. Max Pickering: “This was inside the Arctic Circle in northern Finland. In the Arctic, when the temperature drops below -20C, everything stops. It’s like nature is holding her breath.”

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A Fat Chair at the Louisville Starbucks

A fat, wide chair lolled in the corner of the airport Starbucks area, three or four places over from where I sat in my armless, upholstered seat, facing a glass wall where plane departures and arrivals were clearly visible. The noted chair was of a striking color, a hue concocted, I believe, of deep aqua, midnight blue–maybe teal and seawater. When I first arrived at this area, someone was sitting in the chair, and it didn’t strike my attention, but a while later when I looked at the now empty chair, its beauty arrested me. Perhaps the material was mohair or velvet or a mix, and the sun now slanted light beams across one side of the back and down the ample arms. I gazed at that beautiful chair, and marvelled that its home was the Louisville, Kentucky airport.

“Hey, Shirley.” Nancy Grandquist, one of the speakers of the national ladies conference, hailed me as she stood at the counter and waited for her coffee. Drink in hand, she walked to where I sat, turned around a chair and pulled up a small table. She took a swallow of her brew, then set down the cup, and her large green eyes widened as she said, “Look at that chair. Is that not the most gorgeous thing?”

Beauty…and skill…and art…God’s gifts to us.