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Nice kitty, kitty

Nice kitty, nice kitty, nice kitty.

From BBC comes this spectacular picture.




Here is our weekly selection of the best photographs sent in by readers. We start with a picture by Mwangi Kirubi taken at Kenya’s Safari Rally.



Man stroking a tiger

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The Power of Shadow

Please look at this linked picture, an award winning photo of 2005. Copying of the picture is not permitted, so I couldn’t bring it over. It is an amazing shot. Consider it carefully.

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Laycee, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton. (Not sure who the photographer is.)

One of the joys of my life is meeting young people and observing their growth and development, their talents, passions and abilities. Such a one is the young lady you see above—Laycee. She lives in CA. and is either 13 or 14 years old. Her father pastors a church, and both her parents have been friends of ours for many years. When her mother told me Laycee reads my blog frequently and is an aspiring writer, I knew we must have a guest post from her. As you will see, she is a talented young lady. I did not edit her material at all, except for length. Be sure to leave comments for Laycee after you read her article.

Youth Camp 2006

By Laycee

I was assigned to cabin number 44. A small wooden cabin with a broken porch light, most of us felt like we were roughing it. It had the basics, metal bed-frames with 5 inch-thick mattresses, a rod to hang clothes on, and a lifted wall-to-wall shelf. A cold green tile floor is what our feet touched every morning. Victoria, a girl in my cabin and also from my church, was smart enough though to bring a rug which she put at the side of her bed to save her feet that shock at 8:00 in the morning.

After putting my bags under my bed and getting all set up, I went back down to the fire ring, a stone walled in half circle with benches and a fireplace in the middle, to play tetherball with one of my friends. At 3:00 we were told to go to our cabins and get acquainted with our counselor and our cabin-mates. Walking up to my cabin, I found out why we aren’t here for any more than a week. Those steps are killers!

My counselor, Sis. Valerie Rojas, who is also from my church had us all introduce ourselves to each other. She had two cabins, 43 and 44, of which the age groups were 13-14. In my cabin, I had two cabin mates named Jessica and Victoria. Tiffany, another sister from our church slept in our cabin as assistant to Valerie, but also worked in the snack bar. In cabin 43, there were three other 13 year olds named Mary, Lexxus, and Sarah. Our two cabins would share morning devotions.

At 6:00 the next morning, we were awakened by Tiffany getting ready to go to the staff’s Morning Prayer meeting. We quickly fell back asleep however, when we noticed what time it was. At about eight we got up and dressed for breakfast. At 10:00 the morning celebration service was held. Bro. Kelly led us in song, then the Choir came, and then we were dismissed by age group and cabin number to our cabins for devotions.

Bro. Robert Sailor, who pastors in Coalinga, California, was our camp evangelist. There was a “bust-out” service that night and we had 2 people drunk in the spirit and 3 receive the Holy Ghost. The services at camp are aimed just at us and it really hits the spot. By the next night, everyone was ready and pumped up and we just had a beautiful service and by the time songs were over, many kids had already filled the altars.

By Tuesday Afternoon, I was feeling very tired. All of that dirt had made my feet dirty and my eyes sting. It was not an option to wear those nice sandals I brought. The pine trees scattered pinecones all over. The steep cement stairs to the showers looked ancient. There were several bushes and plants placed oddly by the side of some cabins and a few telephone poles on the top by the showers. The restrooms had three stalls, three sinks, and three hand dryers. There was a green trashcan by the brick wall to the left of the dryers that one day we found a dead mouse in. Through a hallway from the restrooms were seven shower stalls, each with a plastic bench, a shower rack, and a sprayer. The cement floor under my feet is so cold, so I put my shower sandals on. If you look up while showering, you’ll see four large heaters mounted to the ceiling above you. They keep you warm while drying off. There once was a lizard in one of the stalls. It ran over three girls’ feet before climbing up the wall and out of the building. That caused a severe panic.

As you walked back down to your cabin after showering, you’d hear birds chirping and girls laughing from inside their cabins. Each cabin had a white sign with big bold brownish-red letters on it. “50” is at the very top. The numbers decreased as you went farther down the mountain. 49,48,47,46,45,44. Number 44 is my cabin. I climb the neatly swept stairs into our cabin. Tiffany, who’s the adult in our cabin, is straightening her hair in front of the 12-inch wide mirror on the wall. Victoria is buckling her church shoes and Jessica is putting on her “Curves” perfume. I sit down on the lumpy mattress that is “my bed” for a week and start putting my shower bag away. That was after I hung my towel on the bar over my head that is the bottom of Jessica’s bed. There are several names and dates scratched in the wall by my bed from previous campers and someone even scratched a calendar as if they were keeping track of days from a jail cell. I lie down and decide to skip dinner for a nap and instead of rice, beans, and tacos; I pull a rice crispy treat from my bag.

On Wednesday, getting ready for morning devotions, cabin 43 joined us in our cabin and we all sat down. Tiffany, who is white skinned with black hair and hazel eyes and is very pretty, had two other girls on her bed, Sarah, and Mary. Sarah has reddish-brown curly hair, dark skin, and brown eyes and is Tiffany’s cousin. Mary has black curly hair and has dark skin and brown eyes. She turned 14 today. Victoria had two people on her bed. She’s olive-skinned with brown eyes and brown hair to her knees. Valerie is our counselor. She has dark skin and brown hair with natural blonde highlights, and has brown eyes. Lexxus, who is also on Victoria’s bed, has black hair and white skin and green eyes, sits staring up at the ceiling. Jessica, who’s above me, has tanned skin with brown hair and brown eyes. She is very pretty too. After talking about Cabin 44’s victory as Cabin of The Day and laughing about my reaction, which was jumping out of my chair with both hands raised, shouting “Yeah!”, We started devotion.


I plan to go to JYC until I reach the age limit and then go as staff until I can’t possibly make it anymore. I love it that so many kid’s lives are changed and they just get stronger spiritually each year, And I want to be there.

I believe you will agree with me that Laycee exhibits striking writing skills. I’m making a few observations.

1. There was not one misspelled word, showing she is a careful writer.

2. Laycee writes descriptively—for instance, told us her cabin number, that the cabin has a broken light fixture, and that it was of wooden construction.

3. She utilized our senses—noting a green tiled floor that was cold to the feet. We hear birds chirping and girls laughing. We smell perfume.

4. She named and described many people, making us care about them, pulling us into their group.

5. Laycee caused us to shiver as she talked of the lizard. Note she didn’t just say there was a lizard—she spoke of him running across the girls’ feet.

6. She is not intimidated and talks freely about God and her relationship with him.

Neat girl, this Laycee. I’m glad she’s my friend, and we will definitely invite her to write here again.

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One Duck A Ridin’

DSC_0348_edited, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

Evidently, she tired of paddling, so she hopped aboard this paddle boat. I’m sure it was a she for that was such a smart move. 🙂

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Then There Were Two

DSC_0350_edited, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

We were roaring with laughter, as from our room we watched the ducks hop into that paddle boat. After these two were safely riding, another tried to get on board to make three, but he couldn’t quite get up there.

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Baby Ducks A Sleepin’

DSC_0299_edited, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

Mama was close by and scrutinized me as I snapped pictures.

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Two Ducks A Swimmin’

DSC_0344, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

Lots of ducks on the lake at Keystone.

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Butterfly Eyes on Me

Butterfly Eyes on Me, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

One day last week, when I was out in our gardens, I came upon this critter who eyed me as I snapped his picture. He’s a butterfly, perched on a purple butterfly bush. Appropriate, wouldn’t you say.

Edit: Come to think of it, that might be a girl butterfly. Rather too cute for a man butterfly…and besides she looks a bit inquisitive and bossy!

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Puppy David

DSC_0269_edited, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

I’d like you to meet a friend of mine. I met him at camp meeting in Santa Maria, and he was so cute, I asked if I could borrow him to take pictures and play with him awhile. He’s a high falutin’ dog, costing many hundreds of dollars–actually into the thousands, I believe. (That’s why I merely borrowed him.)

I can’t remember his breed–Prince Charles or something like that. He belongs to the David family, and if any of you see this, please fill us in on the particulars.

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Alas, Someone Ate the Plum

Alas, Someone Ate the Plum, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

After I took a picture of the lone plum before we picked it, I went to the other side of the tree and sadly saw that someone had beat us to its succulent and delicious taste.
Probably one of the sweet, beautiful, but pesky squirrels.