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On The Cusp

Occasionally we finger the edge of it; our touch reckons it to be uncommon, even of the eternal. From our deep, issue thick tears, even as our breath catches. Rarified has brushed against us; encounter with glory laces our world.

Compelled to know the depth of this story, I recognize it now more than ever, to be our story, Jerry’s and mine, and in an unfathomable way, he is as our child. He who nearly killed Jerry. We weep . . .for him. . . for his people . . .for ourselves . . .for mankind. Journal words grip . . .his father discarded by drugged parents–orphanage drop-off, as casual as the mailing of a post office package. Rage. Violence. Carried to new generation . . .and to another, kicked as a bent can down the wretched road of drugs and alcohol and anger.

“My father, an Italian man was racist, called flies on the wall niggers. My mother mentioned that she did not like me at one point because I was David Jr.” A sense of aloneness in his family engulfed him, he told me yesterday, and still at this time in his life, he intimated, “I have a sense of aloneness.”

And so we met, and talked, and cried, and loved. We apologized. We forgave.


Dave and his wife, Dana.

At the Claim Jumper, we ordered food we could not eat.

And they had brought their copy of A Thousand Pieces, and I wrote in it, and then did Jerry, and maybe at that moment none of our eyes took in the dedication page: To Jerry, who lived it.

So here we are. On the brim, the edge. Delving, Searching. We read. We write. The last chapter? On the margin of enlightenment, self-understanding, reckoning with ourselves, finding our way ever deeper into the presence of God. The Buxtons and the Esteys . . .on the cusp. . .

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 84 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

21 replies on “On The Cusp”

Shirley….You write like none other! Noble words! Intrigue! Intellect! Skill! Open hearted! Compassionate, are just a few of the adjetives that describe you and your writing gift! Your words will live on long after you leave this earth! They will speak to those left behind and those to come! Please keep writing! You are a Master at your own gift and as always….it is a pleasure reading your inspired words! You are a Noble Lady of the “Pen”! Hugs my friend!


My goodness, dear friend. Reminds me of the funeral where a widow was hearing supreme accolades of her husband who lay in the casket. Finally she could not contain herself, left her pew, walked to the casket and peered in. “Just wanted to be sure they had the right man in there,” she muttered.

Thank you for the sweet words, exaggerated though they are……..Love……


I can hardly wait for the conclusion of this wonderful book. I’ve read it numerous times and still marvel at Jerry’s recovery. God certainly intervened in this event that has yet to have an ending. Every time I read anything about this event I admit, I cry. Love both of you so much and know how much this event impacted your lives.


We all cry, Junior. Not for sadness, but for joy and love and forgiveness and repentance and for God and for goodness . . .We truly stand amazed at these developments. Please pray with us about it all. Love you so much……


What? You stopped in the middle of the autobahn! You can’t possible intend to park here and leave us here. Please write on…right now.


You made me laugh. Yes, we’re stopped right here today. Daily, the story unfolds. Brother Cantu, I wish you could meet Dave. You would love him immediately. He is so beat up, but inside a dear, dear person.


How wonderful that our creator could weave such intricate detail into our lives. Makes me imagine another book about this same event but now with a whole different ending. Praying also for this man to come full circle and be a new creature.


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