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And Now I am 80

Today I am 80. Eighty and one day to be exact, for yesterday was my official birthday, and although I have been pulled kicking and snorting into the century with old people, here I stand. I am 80!


Even though my birthday was not until the 24th, the festivities began on Saturday the 14th with my four children and their spouses working together to execute a family party with the number 80 connected to it. My eldest son opened their beautiful property for the event which was a dynamic success. Grand kids bounced about, along with four dogs, all Shih Tzus.

My brother was there: my brother who lives in Pennsylvania, and who a few days before had been in Australia! He strolled from the house to meet me on the patio when Jerry and I arrived, grinning. “You rascal,” I said, “surprising me like this.” I thumped him on the chest. What a guy he is. You will never meet a finer man on this earth.


They brought presents, food, five or six cakes, fried chicken, couches for pictures, funny items for photographs, a clothesline with my childhood pictures on it, old-fashioned candies, including a moon pie tree. The grandkids told funny stories–one is so great_DSC0126that afterward I went to Chris, and said, “I want you to tell that story at my funeral.” (Stay tuned!) Won’t bore you with all the details. Trust me. It was magnificent. Perfectly done.




That’s me in the middle in case you didn’t recognize me.

My favorite picture follows here. I was sitting on one of the couches with Steve and Rebecca beside me when my Michael leaped and spread himself across us. Andrew handed his camera to someone else, and joined his siblings. My four exceptional children. Aren’t they gorgeous! Not a picture of my dear hubby in sight, but he was there in fine form.


_DSC0030My favorite part of the weekend festivities? On Sunday morning we all went to church together. Yep, that was my absolute favorite part. I have a great video I want to post here that would help you understand how special that was, but I’m not sure I know how to get it to this page. I’ll keep trying.

After church we went to a great Italian restaurant in Chula Vista where they serve outstanding food, one of them being an asparagus dish with a delicate cheese sauce. The first time I ate that lusciousness I threatened to lick the plate. Well, now that I’m 80, and not quite responsible for my actions, I . . .you guessed it . . . licked the plate! The owner came to our table for a hug and a picture. The chef emerged from the kitchen and with a great baritone voice, in Italian, belted out Happy Birthday.


On Sunday, the 22nd, as Jerry and I worshipped with the wonderful people of The Lighthouse Church in Yucaipa, I was called to the front and presented with a huge basket of presents in celebration of my impending birthday. I was stunned, having absolutely no idea they would be making such a presentation. So sweet, so very sweet.


Yesterday. The day. My 80th. One of the first messages I received was from my greats, Franky and Gabby, who by way of video sang Happy Birthday. I cried, it was so dear to me.

Jerry planned a dinner down the hill at The Claim Jumper, where I thought we would be eating only with Rebecca. When we arrived, though, there were our very special friends, the Garretts, and Kate, one of my Crestline friends. We ate delicious food, they gave me presents, we took pictures and ate cake, then Jerry gave me his gift. A banjo! Yep, a banjo. When several weeks ago he asked what I wanted I told him about my wanting a banjo. I took it out of the box, and played it! (I’m quite sure all the Claim Jumper guests enjoyed such rare dinner music!)  Before I went to bed I watched a YouTube video to help me learn to play it. Have to get me some picks first, I believe.


DSC_0464So there you have it. I’m 80. Hard to comprehend, can hardly believe it is me. It’s old, I know that. I am now an old lady–no denying the fact. But I’m thankful for life, glad God chose me to be born, grateful for my wonderful husband Jerry, for all my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, other relatives, and my multitude of friends. God has been good to me–so very good.

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 81 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 64 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

29 replies on “And Now I am 80”

What a wonderful, blessed, grand celebration for your 80th birthday! With loving, caring and treasured friends and family to honor you. So well deserved! Love the magnificent pictures. Thank you for sharing your birthday with us. Happy Happy Birthday to a beautiful (inside and out) lady! And many more!!! Love you! ♥


Wonderful to see you so well and Happy on your 80th Birthday. Just had mine this month too.
God has blessed us and I give him all the Praise. Your family truly is beautiful as well. Wishing you many more.


Makes me happy to hear from you, Sister Bryson. I have mentioned it before but we still have–in perfect shape–a beautiful throw you created for a pastor appreciation day many, many years ago. I often think of you when I use it to cover my chilled body. Again, thank you–for these wishes and for all you have done in the past. Trust your days continue to be abundantly blessed.


Happy Birthday!! And thank you for sharing the celebrations with us. You are not old, you have at least 20 more years. 😊 My mom lived to be 96, and led a very full life. She refused to be associated with the elderly. 😜 You look much younger, and are a beautiful lady.


Happy Happy Birthday, Shirley!!!!!
May God continue to bless you, and all those you care for. Thank you for sharing your life, you bless me!


I was happy you were so blessed on your bday. I have been an old lady for almost 2 years. Sept will see me at 82. Now I notice a lot of people living in their 90’s. I keep hoping to have some great grandkids to hold and cuddle. But no granddkids seem to be ready for marrage. You are lucky. Praying for you to have many more happy bdays. Love, Esther.


Sweet Sis. Buxton you are so very Blessed indeed!!! It is very rare to see such happiness in a Lifetime!!! All due to the Grace and Mercies of God and because of your Faithdful Service to Him!!! I Love your Posts!!! Keep them coming!!! God Bless You


I have a great big smile on my face and maybe a trace of a tear or two. My heart is full seeing how wonderfully you were celebrated by those you love so dearly.
“Happy Belated 80th Birthday to the sweetest Lady I’ve ever known” I’m sure my husband would like to get in on this wish as well…. so let’s make this ” May you be blessed with many more such delightful celebrations” from Sis. AND Bro. Leaverton!!!! Love you my Friend! ❤️


Happiest of Birthdays!! I love your writing! The many times I was able to hear you speak at The Gulf Coast Ladies Reatreat was such a treat!! God bless you dearly.


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