Israel/Italy Day 3

I had walked onto the tiny balcony before going to bed and though I tried, I could not see it. But after sleeping a couple of hours and again looking, I saw that directly in my line of vision was a splendid body of water: The Sea of Galilee. The early morning sun slanted over the broad watery Sea of Galileesurface, a long arm of sheen shimmering in the gossamer fog, and I called Jerry to come look, and I called Steve to thank him for arranging our room with such a view.

Caesar was the name of the hotel, its dining room was large and beautiful, featuring a great buffet for our breakfast. Freshly baked bread  was mounded near one end of the food presentation, close to the coffee bar where we chose Americano style, which was strong and delicious. Lots of fruit, several varieties of eggs, cereal, pancakes . . . After selecting our food, imagewe seated ourselves on a large veranda overlooking the sea, ate the food, visited with our friends and family, were introduced to some who would become new friends . . .and reveled in the understanding that we were gazing at the body of water where Jesus and his men sailed, where they tangled around with nets, and where Peter took a sea course in walking; where lessons were taught and where storms were conquered.

In a line we walked down to board our boat. We sang. We prayed. We viewed the city of Tiberias sketched against the sky. I tried to take it in, but found it hard: Jesus, a human being, my Savior, my redeemer did as we are doing, heard the same sounds, felt the sway of the boat, and watched as fishers cast out their net.

Before nightfall, we ate “Peter’s Fish” on a wide sprawling lawn that led down to the sea, traveled to Caesarea, and into the icy water that flows from Mount Hermon and that eventually contributes to the Jordan River, I dipped a foot.


4 thoughts on “Israel/Italy Day 3

  1. Arthur Hodges

    Great observation! Beautiful description of a famous Bible lake. Who is at the table with Jerry? I am happy for u being n Jesus’ homeland . Keep the blog blog flowing as eloquently and with “feeling” as u consistently pen!! Love, Johnny.

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    Brother Hodges, thank you for your comments–always. That’s Brother Ron Walls with whom Jerry is having breakfast. Long time friend of ours. Wish you and Nita were with us.


  2. Georgia Keyes

    Thank you so much for taking me with you on your trip by way of your posts. I feel like I am right there. I can almost smell the sea and the food and feel the sway of the boat. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Thanks Sister Keyes. Glad you’re along for the ride!


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