Israel/Italy Day 2

Whew! Not sure if this is day 2 or day 3. It is 2:00 am on Thursday morning and I am sitting aboard a luxury bus in the country of Israel. We’re tearing down the road heading to Tiberius where we will spend the night (or what is left of it) in the Caesar hotel, which I understand overlooks the Sea of Galilee. We had a great flight from Los Angeles to Istanbul on –guess what plane: Boeing 777! But we didn’t disappear, rather had a smooth wonderful flight, although I suspect I did not sleep more than two hours. After a textbook landing in Istanbul, and a four hour layover there, we boarded another plane and flew only two hours, then landed in Tel Aviv, where after going through Customs we boarded this bus.

We will arrive at our hotel about 3:30, breakfast is at 7:00, then at 8:00 we enter a boat and sail across the Sea of Galilee.

I’m totally jazzed, and at this moment don’t even feel tired. Something must be wrong with me. 🙂

I’ve taken several pictures, but haven’t loaded them to my computer yet. One of my favorite shots was as we waited to board our final flight, I noticed a lady on the floor of the airport a short distance from me. It startled me, and I, thinking, she had fallen began to walk her way, when I saw that she had removed her shoes and had a prayer shawl laid on that hard floor. She was praying, most likely to Allah. Discreetly, I snapped a couple of pictures.

So on this dark, foggy night, I am in the land of the apostles and the patriarchs. I sit aboard this bus in the land of the Bible. In the land of Jesus.

3 thoughts on “Israel/Italy Day 2

  1. Georgia Keyes

    Couldn’t wait to get there and hear what all is happening!! So glad you made it safe. Can’t wait to hear what is next!!! Thank you soooo much for sharing. Have so much fun!!


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