4:00 AM

I have this uncomfortable trait of finding it difficult to sleep when I am very excited about a trip. Such is the case this morning. I’ve been awake since 3:00, tried to go back to sleep, could not, so here I am thinking about our trip which begins today.

Morning musing……

On Friday night at the ladies conference last week, I stopped and talked a few minutes to Brother Johnny Hodges about our trip to Israel, telling him I had never been, and how excited I was to be going.

He had gone to the Holy Land several years before. As we spoke, his mouth began to tremble and I could see he was overcome with emotion. “The most moving part of the trip, Sister Buxton, was one day as I stood with my wife near Golgotha. I lifted my eyes and looked, and there I identified that hill, for I saw the face of the skull. . . I knew it was the place.”

Brother Hodges, an elderly, snow-headed man, an esteemed minister, could hardly talk now. I covered his hand with mine as he struggled to continue, his face a study in passion and grief. “It was there,” I said to my wife. “Right there, Elaine. Jesus died for me.”

He cried. I lingered a bit, then walked away.

In a few days, I too, will stand there. I will gaze on that cruel–yet glorious–place, and no doubt, I, too, will be overcome with emotion.

5 thoughts on “ISRAEL TO ITALY– Day One Part 1

  1. I am excited for you, Sis. Buxton. I have a friend who has been to Golgotha, and have seen pictures. The face of the skull that stood out in the rock was amazing and clear. No wonder it was called “the place of the skull.” I look forward to your posts and pictures!


  2. Doretha Fields

    Sis. Buxton, this brought tears. I have always loved and admired the Hodges family. To know how this affected such a man, makes me Believe so much more.
    I pray your trip is blessed, safe and filled with many hours of enjoyment .


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