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  1. Georgia Keyes

    If I could get a dog to talk to me the way Sir Winston talks to his beloved humans I just might consider getting a puppy!!

    Dear Sister Madam Keyes. I want to tell you that if you get a puppy and need any help with teaching him or her how to talk to humans, I’ll be glad to come over and spend a couple of days with you. It’s really not too hard for little puppies to learn human talk; I find it pretty easy. But then I have a rather smart mistress who listens closely when I speak. Sometimes she even has to bend down low and say, “Please say that again, Winston. I didn’t quite understand you.” And, polite pup that I am, I always gently say the same thing over . . . and then she gets it. Hugs and puppy kisses from me.


    Sir Winston of Crestline


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