Sam and Lil White’s 70th Anniversary

“Do you know what today is?”

The gentleman addressed the question to his tiny wife who sat across the living room. Always small, she now is tiny, legally blind, and suffering from a painful Shingles attack. She did not answer.

“It’s our anniversary, Lil. Today is our 70th wedding anniversary.”

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And so it was, as my Jerry discovered today when he talked by telephone with his longtime friend Samuel S. White.

I am so sorry I did not recall their anniversary date, and thus did not call or send them a gift, or at least a card for this very significant day. I am sorry they were alone. . . and almost forgot the special day themselves. I am so sorry, for they are dear and precious people and deserved more from me.

Many of you know these exceptional people. Some of you might not have met Jesus except for this rare couple. We have benefited from her leadership among ladies, from his dynamic preaching, and from their generous spirits, and from their sincere love.

I hesitate to post their address, but I know many of you will want to acknowledge this special day in their lives, so I am posting my own address and if you would like to send a card or a letter I will bundle them and send them on to these our friends. Mail letters: Rev. and Mrs. Sam S. White c/o Shirley Buxton P. O. Box 4577 Crestline, CA. 92325

If you’d like to post a message to them here, I will make a copy of your words for the Whites.

Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Sam and Lil White’s 70th Anniversary

  1. Anonymous

    Happy anniversary brother and sister white. This is sister patti Simmons,and next week is my 35th spiritual birthday,thanks to you two! Miss seeing you both,love you very much,sister patti. Oh, Todd is 43 years old now and has an 18 year old son,Kevin and a16 year old granddaughter named Krista,time flys


  2. James and Christel Reed

    Brother and Sister White were our pastors for more years than I can remember. He married us 32 years ago and we’re still going strong thanks to God’s faithfulness and people like the Whites. We always loved to hear him play his fancy harmonica accompanied by Sister White on the organ. Funny, gracious, generous,godly- you both have a special place always in our hearts and your ministry continues through the ones you touched and discipled through the years. We love you both!
    James (Wally) and Christel Reed


  3. Lynnette Gee Madden

    Happy Anniversary Bro White and Sister White, 70 years wow…. I thank you for your wisdom, kindness, friendship but most of all your godly patience and direction. I hope and wish that you know what both of you mean to me and MANY MANY people and families. I felt so blessed when you showed up at my front door in 2009 and performed a wonderful prayer for my friends that were hurt in the car accident and remarried my parents. You are most welcome at my home any time. Love Lynnette Gee Madden and Husband Tim Madden in Bakersfield Ca.


  4. Rebecca Cowen

    Happy Anniversary Bro. and Sis. White!

    Thank you for your Godly example to all of us.

    Hon, that’s what I call her. It’s our little joke now. When I was young, I asked my
    Mom if Sis. White was REALLY that sweet. “Is she for real Mom, can someone really be that sweet”? As we all know, she is, and more. What a blessing they have been in my life..

    Rebecca Cowen,


  5. Georgia Keyes

    Dear Bro. and Sister White,

    Happy Happy Anniversary!! 70 years how wonderful!! I am so thankful God brought you both into my life. A little late. I am getting a little old. You have always been an such a model Christian. I hope as long as you can drive you will keep on coming to see me!! Hope to see you soon!! Love you!!! Sis Georgia Keyes


  6. Pamela Rose

    Bro & Sis White,
    I have so many fond memories of the two of you but mainly Bro White. I remember him looking at me before church would start and ask me, Pamela do you have gum in your mouth? Then I would open real big and say ahhhh and show him that I didn’t and he would laugh so hard.
    I also remember him sneaking away from his house and coming over to our house and asking my mom for some of her good beans and cornbread. He would say ” Lil has me on a diet so make sure you don’t tell her I am over here eating…lol We had a special cup that was only for him and his sweet tea =)
    I have so many memories as a child of the two of them and I just want to say THANK YOU for being such a wonderful blessing in my life.
    I love you both
    Pamela Rose


  7. Rebecca Hampton Barnette

    God Bless both of you at this special time in your lives. I was in Section 2, you Section 3. Mother & I came to everything special service you had for 10 years or more. Youth Camp 1961 I really received The Holy Ghost, so drunk, staggering to my dorm with help of roommates at 1:30 am. We were laughing like drunks & Bro. White was on his “Watch”. He kept telling us to hold the noise down, then he would laugh at the sight of us. Sis. White you’ve been such a graceful Pastor’s wife, Ladies leader, musician. Have loved you both for many years as you worked for God’s Kingdom at Bellflower.
    Rebecca Hampton Barnette


  8. Don Doran

    Congratulations on 70 years of marriage and so many years of ministry. Elder White you were on the District Board when I first met it many years ago as a scared you man. I have always honored you. God Bless you folks.


  9. Virginia Clark

    Happy Anniversary Bro. And Sis. White.
    I think I have known them most all of my life.
    Such precious people. Great examples of truth and commitment to each other.


  10. Happy Anniversary what an accomplishment! We have so many wonderful memories of the Whites! Going back for many many years. Camp-meetings, Ladies Ministry, Our motothome travels together. You have never changed, you’ve both always been faithful and steadfast in your walk with God, I just hope that in my life I can accomplish half of what you have. You have both been a model of what we hope to become…..

    Love and Prayers
    Sharon and Johnny Nelson


  11. Sister White reached out to me in my young ministry life and invited me to speak at the California Ladies Retreat. She was the most encouraging, sweet and kind person. May God bring healing and strength to both during these elder years of life.

    Thank you, Shirley, for giving us this information – God bless you!

    Love and prayers to you all!
    Carol Theobald Clemans


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