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A Caring Lesson from Winston

I knew from the beginning Sir Winston of Crestline was a very special pup, but I had no idea he would be called into the ministry . . . First clue came when I found him with these in his mouth.

ImageHe has chosen the bottom shelf of a bookcase covered wall as his daytime den and sleeping place. The shelf is positioned beside a large chair I sit in when I’m working at the computer and had a few books on it with a large vacant area. He just took over. I moved the books so he has the whole shelf to himself . . . otherwise there would be no books left. He’s very studious it seems, and besides that he’s teething.

ImageHe conquered the four cement steps from the driveway yesterday and today. He was hesitating to come down, but I encouraged him, and here he came but on the last step got to going so fast he tumbled over and bonked his little head.

I’m eager for his vet appointment on Monday when he will receive his first puppy shots, for he’s at a high risk now for lots of things, and the nurse in the doctor’s office advised me to keep him in at our house. But we go so much . . .and when we went to a funeral last week, Rebecca “baby” sat him, and of course Winston met his cousin, whose name is Sir Maxwell. (Another titled, rather important dog!) Maxwell is a Snauser.

untitled (9 of 56)…and he’s met and played with Sarah who lives across the street. Sarah bounds up our driveway with Winston chasing right after her, his short legs chugging like a locomotive. He tires easily when he does that, though, and will plop down right in the street. (We live on a cul-de-sac with almost no traffic.)

untitled (21 of 56)Winston is fearless.

untitled (22 of 56)Our delightful neighbor Bill lives next door. He walks into the woods every day, blows snow off his sidewalks on blizzardy days, is sharp-witted, as friendly as can be, and is 91 years old. Last week from our back deck, I lifted up Sir Winston and showed him to Bill who was out in his yard. He grinned . . . then yesterday came into our yard and down the steps to meet his newest neighbor who was frolicking with his master.

untitled (15 of 56)He bent over then, and lifted up the tiny pup.

untitled (18 of 56)I didn’t notice the lesson as I snapped the picture, but as I processed it and saw Bill’s feet and his hands grasping my little pup, the understanding of the helplessness of Winston and to some extent the neediness of Bill occurred to me. Winston taught me another lesson, that of caring for those who have difficulty caring for themselves. Last week Bill hired a young boy to rake up leaves and acorns, and by the time he was finished he had more than a dozen large, black bags full of debris. Today was the day the huge trash trucks would come on our street. Led by the charge of my caring husband, a few men of the neighborhood grabbed up those bulky, heavy bags and set them out for Bill. Too many for the collectors to take, so Jerry put some bags with our trash, Ken put some with his, Mary some with hers, as did also Kerry.

A nation–a people–are known by the care they give to those who cannot care for themselves.

Winston adds his greetings.

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 84 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

5 replies on “A Caring Lesson from Winston”

Love this blog! Keep up sharing with us. We would love to hear how you, Winston, are doing lately. Glad you let your Mistress writing how you are doing. You have blessed us and we love you. I have two dogs and they both are Maltese. They love people just like you. Blessings, Jennifer

Dear Peachy Lady. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to respond, but I got a bit confused because Mistress posted over here on her pages instead of on mine, and I forgot to check over here. I’m glad you love my writing and I’d love to meet your two dogs sometime. Sincerely, Sir Winston


Another great blog post, Sister Buxton! Such a wonderful lesson you’ve given us. I love stories of Sir Winston. Too bad I’m not there to babysit once in awhile! Love you so much!

Sir Winston continues to be wonderful, and thanks you for the offer to babysit. Never know when that might be possible.


Sir Winston,
It’s so exciting to see that you’re already reading- it’s a lot of fun. Just an FYI: the shots are gonna hurt alittle & your hips & shoulders may be sore but hang in there, it’s a great reason to use for sleeping on the “people bed.” 🐶 Have a great weekend & keep blog’n!!
Cousins Baylee & Callie

Baylee and Callie, you were right; had my shots yesterday and a pretty miserable time until I went to bed. Feeling better today, but still a little sore. Master and Mistress are so careful when they pick me up . . . don’t want to hurt me.

HAPPY DOG DAYS to my cousins.


Sir Winston of Crestline (Just call me Win since we’re family.)


Hey Winston……I wish I could find a cousin or uncle or aunt of yours who happens to live out here in Mississippi. He or she would be the perfect doggie for me and papa, as our house is small and would welcome a small pet. We used to have a wonderful cat but a mean ol’ dog took her down one night. I would make sure your relative did not come to harm. Any ideas? Love, nana esther

Esther, Winston is asleep. I’ll have him get with you in the morning. Love back.


Wow, Sir Winston…you already have lots of friends in your neighborhood 🙂

Well, Tami, they tell me I am irresistible. Mistress thinks I am beautiful. Thank you for reading about me.

Sir Winston of Crestline


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