30th Pastoral Anniversary Part 2

The 30th pastoral anniversary of Bro. Gordon Richardson in Manteca was excellent in every way.

Bro. Berl Stevenson of El Cajon, CA., former pastor of Bro. Richardson, spoke on both Saturday and Sunday.

Bro. Gerald Buxton of Crestline, CA. was the preacher on Sunday morning. When Brother Richardson was a teenager, for a short time Brother Buxton was his Sunday school teacher. Hmm…hope he’s doesn’t tell too many stories, I’m sure Brother Richardson was thinking.

Friends! Stevensons, Buxtons, and Richardsons after Sunday morning service.

Sunday evening, Brother Don O’Keefe of Antioch, CA. was the preacher.

The pastor’s wives all spoke briefly on Sunday night. First was Lavelta Stevenson. (On Saturday afternoon, there were many more ministers and minister’s wives at that service.)

Next was Abigail O’Keefe.

Sandi Richardson was last, giving beautiful words of honor to all ministers present, and especially to her husband.

Again, I offer my congratulations to this wonderful couple who have done a tremendous job of building a church in Manteca.

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