Wishing I Were Rich

This rich business has me interested. Instead of castigating those who are rich, I find myself wanting to say I think it’s downright cool to be rich. Just being honest, here. Just think what I could do: travel the world on a cruiseship, build a church for Christ Alive in Lake Havasu, fund every home missionary for a year, and every foreign missionary I could think of, hand out hundred dollar bills to strangers, buy Rebecca a new car . . . you get the idea.

Oh, I know I’m rich in other ways: friends, family, knowing Jesus . . .

Yet, I persist in thinking it is cool to be rich–money rich. If I were rich, I would smile and preen as did this gull I met in San Francisco a few weeks ago.

What say you? Wish you were rich? Are you rich? Problems with being rich?

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