Shopping Spree! (Day 7 Summer Road Trip 2012)


Dillard’s Clearance Center is less than ten minutes from where we are parked here in Phoenix. Today, I shopped! Today, I found bargains! For a grand total of $49.12, I bought a beautiful red dress, two “patio” dresses, a charming hat, a practical brown jacket, and a magnificent skirt! Top that, if you can!

The cutest item is this hat.


The prettiest is this skirt.

The best buy? This dress originally $129.00, marked down to $9.99, plus 50% off=$4.99!!

12 thoughts on “Shopping Spree! (Day 7 Summer Road Trip 2012)

  1. Michael

    Remember what you asked about my shoes? I pose that same question about your hat…..snicker

    I’m snickering, too, but I can’t remember what I said about your shoes. Remind me.


  2. I’m requesting those items to be modeled. 😉

    I wore the skirt today. Just got back from eating at Pappadeauxs with the Hogan’s, wearing my beautiful skirt. The red dress is fully lined and a bit too hot for now. The belt is missing, so I’ll have to buy one for it. First time I wear it, I’ll get someone to snap my picture. It really is beautiful. Love you, Tena.


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  4. Virginia Clark

    I love those kind of bargains and I love Dillard’s. On one of our trips to Lake Havasu we bought Mervin a sport coat, slacks and shirt and tie for about nor thirt the original price and he loves the comfort of it. Looks great too. Love Dillard’s bargains.


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