Where I Could Live

I could live in New York, or any large city for that matter, for I like the bustling about, the museums, the libraries, the concert halls, the restaurants, the ethnic communities…yes, I could live in a city.

……….I could live in a loft there, or in a high-rise apartment building that sat square in a business/shopping area…or by Central park.

………………………I could live in a hotel in a city, and if it were in San Francisco, I would walk to the cable car stop, hop aboard and browse around town for the day. And if my grand kids were visiting, I would take them too, and we would eat ice cream cones and chocolate from Ghirardilli Square, and at Fisherman’s Wharf, we would buy fish and chips from a street vendor. A loaf of sour dough bread would find itself tucked beneath my arm, and when I tore off a piece and offered it to said grandchildren, they would roll their eyes, cast about to see who was looking, say, “Oh, Granny,” and take a bite. Wish we had butter, I would say to them.

I could live in the country, not too far removed from a city or an airport, but the real country with dirt roads and corn fields and tractors.

I could live on a cruise ship for a year–perhaps forever.

I could live on a university campus or a Bible school campus, and I would pull on my coolest sunglasses and walk about with the students and they would pet me and take me on as a mascot.

I could live on a ranch. I could live in Alaska for one winter, or, if I had a good copy of Paddington, I might even take on deepest, darkest Peru.

Where could you live?

15 thoughts on “Where I Could Live

  1. Yes, I could live in a large city; San Francisco. For the same reasons as you, Sis. Buxton. I wouldn’t even need a car. I would walk everywhere and if I needed a ride, I would take a cab. It think it would be fun! It would take a long time to try all the restaurants and check out all the shops in that massive city. I would sure love the challenge. 🙂 But I probably would never live here since my husband has NO interest in it. Lol.

    I could live on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. For SURE! I would live in the city of Kailua in a little spot called Lanikai on the side of the hill. I would have a large lanai and huge windows with views of the ocean and Lanikai beach from every room. This is my favorite island because it has areas with lots of people and lots to do, but then it has lots of open space with stretches of beaches that are almost empty year round. I would hike, swim, eat mango, shave ice and plate lunches. I could visit my dad as much as I’d like and my precious friends too.

    I could live in Scottsdale, Arizona. But only in the Spring and Fall. 😉 It’s so beautiful there. I would hike, visit all the day spas, shop and learn to golf so I could be with my husband.

    I could live in San Diego and visit my sister, nieces and nephews as often as I’d like. The weather is nice and there are many things to do there; the Zoo, Balboa Park, Sea World.

    My dream would be to have three homes. One in Hawaii and live there Dec., Jan., Feb., and March. One in Arizona and live there Aug., Sept., Oct., and Nov. And one in San Diego and live there April, May, June and July.

    Oh, and my guest room in each home would always be open to you. After all I would need someone to go exploring with me. 😉


  2. Charlotte Mills

    Dear Sis. Buxton – I love this blog and it has stirred something within me again. I could live on the island of Maui in a hotel suite where the balcony doors open up to a view of the ocean. My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary there, and to this day I remember the sweet sound of ocean waves and witnessing the most glorious sunsets ever!

    ….or I could live in a small suburb west of Chicago, even in the dead of winter, when the temperatures drop below zero – for there I could visit my parents whenever I wanted, talking about our favorite memories…

    …or I could stay right here in rural Mississippi, where my patio overlooks a small pond…. but when it’s all said and done, wherever God is, that’s where I want to be…until His face I see!


  3. Ah, we are just dreaming along here, and it is so fun! Back to the France thing, I would open the upstairs window in the morning—in France, that meant opening the wooden shutters that blocked out the world all through the night. Then the sudden blast of sunshine would smack me in the face, and I would inhale that wonderful salty air blowing in across the Bay. Quite a bit of nostalgia because, at heart, I am a real homebody and –yes, Rachel–homesickness did plague me.
    Shirley, I don’t think I would last a year on that cruise ship, I’d be wanting to go home–(wherever home might be……)


  4. Comments from same topic on Flickr:

    Frances M Grisham

    I think ,I will stay right here for now until,move into my mansion over there……ok

    Frances, that mansion that is waiting for us is the ultimate destination for sure. What a day! What a life!

    Sandra Forrest-Casey

    I’m not being sarcastic – but I could seriously see myself living in Cinderella’s castle at Disney World.

    Well, Sandy, if you’re able to finagle such a thing, be sure and let us all know. I’m positive you could get discount tickets for us.


  5. Rachel Smelser

    Lynda, You have lived my dream!!! Tell me, was it as wonderful as dreaming about all of that? I forgot about the homesickness though–that would catch up with me–I love America!!! Yes, you have a standing invitation–with your own guest house as well. They’ll be built on each side of the lake with patio’s that face the sunset! Am I forgetting anything?

    Well, we must have housekeepers, butlers and cooks–especially pastry chefs. Trust you to take care of all of it.


  6. Rachel, having lived in France, I have to comment…..We did not have the high ceilings and fireplaces in every room. But I had a walled garden with flowers seemingly flowing right up from the earth. I did not have the Mediterranean Sea at my door, but I did have the Bay of Biscaye. Sometimes I would look out at that vast ocean and know that, on the other side of the horizon, lay America. Sometimes a wave of homesickness would pass over me, but that was when I could take a walk along the beach or stroll in the outdoor market. Ah me…..I guess I wouldn’t really mind living ANYwhere…….!


  7. Rachel Smelser

    My other home could be a ranch in Texas!!!! My “front lawn” would be five acres of Texas Bluebells surrounded by a circular tree shaded drive to the house. My back yard is to the west and faces a lake that frames the magnificent sunsets each night! When you visit, you’ll have your own guest house!


  8. The suburbs don’t offer much in the way of imagination. I think of a popular expression when you mention suburbs…..Same ole, Same ole….We have a place in Columbia called The Vista. Downtown. Lots going on, walk just about anywhere…and they are now selling condos. Probably stay right where I am, though–we just had new windows installed and I enjoy looking out of them too much to leave them just yet…(smile)–However a trip to Ruth’s Chris sounds in order along about now……


  9. Rachel Smelser

    I will!!! And you should know that my guest room has a balcony with french doors that open to a view of the Mediterranean Sea. And each evening, we catch the last rays of sunshine by walking barefoot in the warm sand along the shore!


  10. Rachel Smelser

    I would love to live in France–a nice French country home with a walled garden! It would also need a patio made of smooth stones with a wrought iron table and chairs suitable for drinking coffee in the morning. Magnificent ceilings, sparkling crystal chandeliers, brick fireplaces in each room, beautifully patterned wooden floors all framed by a wondrous stone and brick home. Something in the south of France would be nice, with a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

    Promise me. Promise that as soon as you’re settled you’ll invite me over. 🙂


  11. Every single thing you described—well, that is for me! Living here in Small Town, USA, sometimes I get “cabin fever.” Feel like I’ve got to get to the city. Pant, pant. So I jump in the car and drive 20 minutes and find pretty much whatever I want. And there are deer that romp in my yard—squirrels and birds of all kinds splashing in the bird bath–nights so still and quiet that my children can’t sleep when they come to visit…..

    Amazing. Amazing that you (and I) can absolutely love stillness and isolation, yet after a time long for the city. Some people don’t understand that at all; could never live in a large city, nor even in the country for that matter.

    The one kind of place I’m less fond of than others is the suburbs.


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