Tenth (not of Ten) of Eleven (Someone Miscalculated)

Ella came downstairs with a stack of books, and sometime during the morning hours, she said, “Read me one, Granny.”  I chose Green Eggs and Ham.

How brilliant was Dr. Seuss, and Brady later in the day asked, “What made Dr. Seuss die, Granny” and I did not know, but I checked and can now say that Theodor Seuss Geisel died on September 24th, 1991,  in San Diego of throat cancer.

Anyway, I knew I would be cooking a ham for dinner, and what could a granny do except provide green eggs to go with the ham (the ham that stayed ham colored because I was unwilling to go too far with the green food dye procedure.)

The deviled eggs and the ham were delicious, but Ella wouldn’t touch the eggs.

Almost bedtime now.

One day left. Aunt Becky called tonight and will be up in the morning with Nathaniel. Off to the lake with all of them for a last-fling-fishing-trip.

6 thoughts on “Tenth (not of Ten) of Eleven (Someone Miscalculated)

  1. Charlotte Mills

    I love this story! You are an amazing lady – writer, photographer, and Granny!!! I hope to meet you in person one day; if not here on earth, surely in Heaven!!! I love the green eggs and ham…. what an amazing imagination you and your grandchildren have!!!

    Keep sharing, and I’ll keep reading!!


  2. Thank you for the sweet words, Sister Bohannon. I consider myself fortunate to be close enough geographically to spend such days with several of my grandchildren. I do treasure these times.

    Blessings to you and yours…..


  3. You are such a good Granny! I’ve done green scrambled eggs, but never thought of deviled eggs. Going to keep that in my file of “fun things to do” when our g-baby is older. Have a blessed day with the grands!


  4. Leah Doyle

    Aunt Shirley, I have loved reading all of your post about this visit with you grands! What energy you must have!! I know this is a visit that will stay with them all forever! What precious memories you have made!! Your pictures as always are phenomonal. I have really enjoyed looking at those. What beautiful grandchildren you have! I love reading about 5 siblings. My 2 are enough for me but as you know I gre up the middle of a family of 5 kids and wouldn’t trade hat for anything!!! Love you and Uncle Gerald Ray Lots and Lots


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