Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth of Ten

Sunday–Around 5:00 in the morning, I began peeling potatoes, scraping carrots and searing a roast–all in preparation for our Sunday afternoon meal. Before we left to go down to church in Rialto, the meat was bubbling away in my crock pot. Great church service. Youngsters were all well behaved. Rebecca and Nathaniel joined us for dinner and stayed for a long visit. A really great day.

Monday–At about 2:30, I met Rebecca in San Bernardino and delivered three of the youngsters to her. They were so excited about spending the night with Aunt Becky.

Tuesday–Make a chicken and shrimp gumbo. Rebecca arrived with the youngsters around 4:00 and we began scooping out the bowls of gumbo. The weather is so nice, we took our meal on the decks–some in the front; others in the back.

2 thoughts on “Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth of Ten

  1. Gerald Buxton

    What a supper Granny these youngsters have. Her energy level is unbelieveable and never a complaint do I hear coming from her mouth. Prov. 31 describes her well…I know, I live with her…


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