Fourth Day of Ten

Today was one of the busiest we’ve had; also one of the most fun. The weather here is definitely into a cooling cycle, so I knew if we would be able to spend any time down at the lake, we should do it sooner rather than later. Just after noon, Rebecca came up from San Bernardino with Nathaniel and Gentry.

We packed up sandwiches, drinks, twinkies, red hot cheetoes and a few other snacks and headed to the lake. It was delightful. Beautiful Lake Gregory. The youngsters romped, strolled, played a bit in the water, pitched a football, hiked about, ate snacks, ate sandwiches, fed the ducks, watched fishermen catch fish…typical lake day doings. After about three hours, we headed home, where they played basketball and other games for awhile.

Chloe went home with Rebecca and Nathaniel. It’s 8:30 now. They’ve all had another meal, ice cream, baths, and three of them now are roaring with laughter as they play Twister right in the middle of the living room. There’s a game room upstairs, but they love to be right in the middle of everything. Love these youngsters. Feel blessed to have them about.

Four down: six to go! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Fourth Day of Ten

  1. Charlotte Mills

    I am enjoying your posts about the ten days with your grandchildren. Thanks for sharing. I love today’s picture. As always, your writing and photography are amazing!! God bless you and yours!


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