The Continuing Saga of the Kitty Rescue

“Shirley, there is a cat with two kittens in our back yard!”

“Do what?”

Jerry motioned me to one of our backyard facing windows. “Cats. A mother with two kittens. See them?”

I saw. Saw staring at us through the window a beautiful cat with two good-sized babies. They were back. The kittens we had “rescued” yesterday had reunited with their mother and likely had moved back under the shed.

What to do? For starters I heated a bowl of milk (contrary to popular opinion, milk may not be good for cats, I was thinking I had read somewhere, but we have no cat food…) and carried it to the back yard along with a shallow basket with a towel inside it. Mama stared at me every cautious step I took toward her small brood. I spoke softly to her as I advanced, but despite my care, before I could reach them, the kittens leaped up and ran under the shed. Mama jumped the fence into Sharon’s back yard.

Evening has fallen again here in Crestline. The shallow pan of milk sets untouched beside the unused little bed I provided.  Since early this morning, I have seen no cats. Under the cloak of darkness, Mama  may creep out and drink the milk, perhaps teaching her babies to lap up the human offerings. I suspect mousing may also be in the works.

Stay tuned. Not sure what we will do. Jerry doesn’t like cats, while I do,  but we are gone so much I agree that we don’t need to have animals during this time of our lives. Anyone up for a few kitties?

4 thoughts on “The Continuing Saga of the Kitty Rescue

  1. Charlotte Mills

    My husband is allergic to cats, even though we had one when our children were small. Thanks for sharing more of the rescue story. I love your photography as well as your writing!


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