Of Exceptional Generosity

Summer road trip. Day 9 Friday, June 10, 2011

The dash air conditioner situation had proved to be a bigger problem than we had first thought, so that Brother Dave Devenport had decided the old one must be taken off and a rebuilt one installed. Other problems developed, the details of which I am not fully aware. On Friday evening, here he came with a new compressor and all the other parts to make our air conditioner as good as new. This precious man and his wife had decided between themselves to make a gift to us of his labor and all the new equipment; he adamantly refused to take any money at all. Both Jerry and I were shocked at such generosity and loving care from people we have only known a few days.

After he had finished the work, had checked it and determined it was working properly , Dave came in and sat in our motor home for quite some time, regaling us with stories of his exceptional life. Away from God for a significant part of his life, he spoke of his love for God and for His mercy. The gist of his conversation was: “God has been good to me. I now want to bless Him and His people.”

It was late into the night when he left, saying that perhaps he would bring his wife by before we would leave on Saturday morning. As Jerry and I prepared for bed, we spoke extensively about the goodness of God, and of His exceptional people. How blessed are we who are part of God’s great church. It’s an amazing place, an extraordinary organism, whose roots are not of this earth. It’s foundation lies in the heavenlies; its breadth is staggering.

More pictures of them here.

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