A Two Church Sunday

Summer road trip.  Day 4, June 5, 2011

They are thinking they will be in their new auditorium in a couple of months, Brother Wiley told me as he took us around the property after church on Sunday morning. In the city of Peoria, a suburb of Phoenix, Brother and Sister Stacey Wiley have done a remarkable job during the six years they have been there. They bought a very large building magnificently located on West Grand Avenue, where thousands of cars pass each day, and for many months (years?) they have been working on remodeling it into a beautiful sanctuary. Now, they are nearly finished.

At this time, they hold their main services in the lobby which is huge, easily holding the 170 which were in attendance yesterday. We had a great service, tremendous music, lots of prayer with people in the altars even before Jerry preached. I sold many books; took the first pre-orders for BACKSLIDING…the bitter bite of beelzebub.

Jerry and Brother Wiley in front of the church, WORSHIP AND WORD of Peoria, AZ.

The Wileys and Buxtons after a delicious meal at Cheesecake Factory!

After this great visit with our friends, we went back to our motor home around 4:00. At 6:30 our second service of the day began. Another tremendous service in the magnificent new building of Christ Temple: Pastor Gary Hogan.

One thought on “A Two Church Sunday

  1. Sandy Nigro

    Thank you for sharing Sis! Natalie is my ‘favorite’ cousin 🙂 indeed. I saw the building when it was purchased and God has been faithful in their journey!


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