Compassion in the San Bernardinos

I’m as guilty as the next, no doubt, for often I think about, even talk and write about, the sad condition of our world, and the evident decline of morals and ethics in those about me. So, it feels really good today to tell you of a caring, loving act that is working at this moment here in my mountains–the San Bernardinos of southern California, including among others, the communities of Crestline, Arrowhead, and Running Springs.

I first heard about it by reading here on, an internet site that covers news and activities in this area. It concerns a young pregnant woman, who, when given a baby shower, was saddened when only one person attended–her best friend. Someone found out about this sadness, and has lovingly arranged a community shower for this young lady. It’s being pitched at a local cafe–The Caboose–this coming up Sunday. The community has pitched in with offers of cake, plastic forks, paper plates, games, decorations–the works.

I’ll be out of town on Sunday, but today I wrapped my baby boy gift, along with some personal items for the mom, and took them to The Caboose, where the personnel there graciously agreed to put my package in the office until Sunday. It was a small, negligible thing for me to do, but as I drove away after dropping off my gift, I felt elated and fulfilled.

My heart is warmed by the concern that strangers are showing to a young, needy family here in Crestline. Not only are people saying, Isn’t that too bad, and such as that, they have dug in, made plans, and are ministering to these people. What a great community in which I live. I suspect, though, that across our country–indeed around the world–there are caring, upstanding, sweet people, who seeing a neighbor in need, are willing to open their purses…and fling wide their hearts.

5 thoughts on “Compassion in the San Bernardinos

  1. Farrell Forrest

    What a good post…You are right; Not to many good stories around today!

    Good vacations pictures too. Looks like you and Jerry had fun.

    Love JR


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