Trip to Spain (Part 3–Food)

Food! We always think of food no matter where we are, but especially when we visit a new country, we are eager to taste what is offered, and pass judgment as to whether we like it or not. I’ve posted a couple of pictures of the food in Spain previously, and will write a bit more about it today.

The coffee is quite different from that served in the United States, but is quite delicious. Other than the very first cafe/bar in which we were served coffee already mixed with milk in small glasses, when coffee is ordered, a regular sized coffee cup is brought to the table, then a very small amount of coffee is poured into that cup…maybe filling the cup 1/4 way to the top. I was astonished when that first happened to me, thinking, I think I want more coffee than that. However, a metal pitcher of hot milk is quickly brought, and the waitress fills the cup to the top…and it is delicious. Before we left the country, though, some of our group was wanting regular coffee, which was available at McDonald’s, ordered Americano style.

Seems as though we were always eating. As a general rule, around 9:00 o’clock we would walk to a small place a short distance from the hotel to have breakfast. Their big meal is served mid-day, and always consists of at least 3 courses. We usually were eating that meal around 2:00. Then again after church, we would have a substantial meal. We didn’t go hungry, I promise, for in addition to the meals served to us, our hosts had provided large baskets of food in our rooms. I found the restaurant food just slightly bland, but really quite good. Flan is often offered as dessert along with other items. Sadly I didn’t get to eat of the dish for which Spain is noted–Paella. The one day our group visited a restaurant which specialized in the dish, I was not with them. Some liked the Paella; others did not care for it.

An interesting observation (and this was true not only of waiters and waitresses, but of the population in general) is that they were a bit more formal than we here in America. Certainly in their dress was that true. Although during our tours I observed persons in quite casual clothes, I never observed ragged, droopy, “flip-flop” sort of attire.

Jerry’s 79th birthday was March 12th, and on that evening we attended church in Vallolodid . After the fine meal they served us, here came a birthday cake, and party hats for everyone. It was the kindest, most thoughtful gesture.

5 thoughts on “Trip to Spain (Part 3–Food)

  1. food plays a pivotal role in our lives here in malaysia. there’s nothing that can’t be sorted out over a meal – casual conversation, dating, business deals or even disputes.

    our equivalent to the usual greeting of “how do you do?” is “have you eaten?”


  2. Rufus and Nita, thanks for your visit to my blog and for the comments.

    Our hotel was in the financial district and was called Puerta Castilla. Nita, we’re definitely planning to be at your mom’s birthday party in July. Maybe we’ll have a chance to share Spain pictures……

    Blessings all…..


  3. Nita

    What Hotel did you and Uncle Jerry stay in? Larry and I stayed in the Melia Castilla in Madrid and it was a wonderful location. We also loved the coffee and enjoyed their Gazpacho soup. Making me really want another trip to Spain. Glad you are home and safe.


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