Trip to Spain (Part 2, People)

The intrigue of the new is part of it, the allure of the ancient, the sounds and scents, the feel, the hint of adventure–all combine to fashion the appeal of travel, especially of travel to other countries of the world. Perhaps of most fascination during these days, though, are those who people the new culture; their clothing, daily life habits, food preferences, work places, entertainment styles, churches, and their general demeanor. Such was true on this most recent trip, and in addition to acquainting myself with the people of Spain, I came to know much better the eleven others from the United States with whom Jerry and I traveled.

Standing here with Alcazar of Segovia as our backdrop, from left to right are Jerry and Andrea Powell, Aubrie and Luvena Birdwell, , Don and Abbie O’Keefe, Gary Sones (resident missionary), Joel and Aisha Buxton (what a delight it was to have my grandchildren included in this memorable trip!), Jerry and I, Kenneth Sullivan, and Priscilla and Paul Carrasco.

On the streets, in the shops, at the castles, in the cafes, I saw others…

In the courtyard of Alcazar of Segovia, I spotted this delightful man, sleeping, I thought. I stood still for a moment, assuring his eyes were tightly closed. Then I snapped my shutter!

An 80-year-old shop keeper in Toledo had just sold Jerry several knives. Immediately after I snapped this picture, he extended his hand to shake that of Jerry, then came from behind the counter, hugged me, and kissed the air–side to side–as is the customary greeting in Spain.

And on the narrow streets of Segovia, a couple walk as do others around the world.

The ancient walls and steps of Segovia team with people–vendors, residents, and tourists.

A beggar who approached us as we stood near our parking garage in the Financial District of Madrid, and for whom, one of our group dropped coins into his cup.

Pondering, he listens to the presentation.

In a small cafe, not knowing I watched, a gentleman eats an evening meal.

And on our last night in Spain, as we stood outside the new Bible school building (of which I will write later,) I saw this lady a half block away. “Go with me, Joel.” I grabbed his hand and we trotted down the dark street where I captured this image.

She had hailed a cab, and I watched as she struggled with her things–her umbrella, her walker, her agedness, her frailty…and that image speaks yet to me. It tells of all mankind, our similarities, our needs, our failures within ourselves. Our need of God.


I’ll be writing more of this trip and posting other pictures here.

My other photography is on both my Flickr site and my photography blog.

5 thoughts on “Trip to Spain (Part 2, People)

  1. Nita

    Larry and I went to Spain in the 70’s. It was a great trip. We also visited in Toledo. It is one of the places we would love to revisit. So glad you had family with you and enjoyed your trip.


  2. Greg the Explorer

    Wow Shirley – I have always wanted to travel to Spain – I love the romance of it’s history, especially the medieval and crusade history (although the latter wasn’t all that romantic!). I’m probably a little disturbed at my love of ‘romance’…I must be getting in touch with my feminine side!
    Love living vicariously through you and your photographs


  3. Great photos, Sister Buxton. Missions trips are just incredible. We have many fond memories and pictures from our trip to Costa Rica back in 2005. My husband would like to go to Belize sometime this year if we can swing it.


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