Ladies Conference Finale

A close second to God’s people worshiping and praying together is when we have fun with each other, and last Saturday at the Doubletree brunch in Ontario was no exception. It was a blast!

The food was delicious. The atmosphere was PARTY!

The decorations were dynamite, cute as could be, yet carrying out the theme of the conference.

Newly placed as president and secretary of the department, Sisters Cupoli and Ghiloni stood with the board to honor the outgoing president, Sister Nita Hodges, presenting  a cruise for her and her husband.

A little teasing ensued on the platform, and then Sister Cobb proceeded to teach us a little Jamaican worship style.

Two sweet young men were brave enough to spend every service with us; one playing the bass, the other the drums. We honored them during the brunch.

Prizes were handed out, the vendors were generous with “give-aways,” as were the speakers and singers, and finally each group was uproariously calling their table number so that they would be chosen for a gift. Choose me! Choose me! It was delightful.

Finally, there were more singing, more speaking, more praying, and more rejoicing. Then it was over, this wonderful 3rd annual ladies conference of the UPCI Southern California District.

2 thoughts on “Ladies Conference Finale

  1. HG

    I am SO disappointed that I didn’t get to go to LC this year – I got confused on the dates, thought it was this week instead of last week.

    THANK YOU For your wonderful writing & glorious pictures, it’s definitely the second best thing to being there. Glad you had a great time, can’t wait to see you again.

    Enjoy the snow!!!


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