Southern California Ladies Conference

It was obvious that extensive planning and other preparation had been done–both secular and spiritual–for the conference was of the finest degree. From the beginning, I noted a distinct spiritual hunger, and although I had not been involved in any of the preparation, nor was I responsible for any of its success, I was at once swept into the spirit of the meeting, and so joined with others in anticipation of the Divine that was to move among us. So easily is God said, so quickly we type the letters that form the word Jesus, yet so difficult–yes, impossible–is it to describe the supernatural, or in any way to make sense of the telling of an authentic otherworldly manifestation. I try, but my tongue clacks in futility and my mind is of blank slate as I search for the telling, or as I grasp for phrases to describe. You understand. You know…if ever you have been there. You share my frustration if at once you have endeavored to tell The Story.

Perhaps if I say that at least 42 persons received the Holy Ghost, you may know a rag of the glimmer. Perhaps if I say that on Friday afternoon scores of people fanned out from the auditorium and knocked on doors to invite people to the services, and that on that evening, some who were invited came and received the Holy Ghost, you will grab a trace of the phenomenon. Perhaps if you hear of Pastor Arthur Hodges sitting beside a young lady on a plane, inviting her to the meeting, and her being there on Friday evening, and being filled with the Holy Ghost–perhaps that could  hint to you of the glory. Perhaps if you knew that in Sunday services in churches in southern California, women were baptized who had received the Holy Ghost during the conference–perhaps then you might clutch a shred of the greatness.

The excellent ladies board and leaders contributed to the success. Speakers contributed. Singers did. Musicians did. Pastors did. The congregation did. But credit belongs to God Almighty who is the only One who can bring about such a distinct and historical move of the Spirit. How blessed I was to stand in such a Holy Place.

I want to add my admonition to that of the apostle Paul who speaks concerning the wisdom of meeting together.

Make a habit of worshipping together, he directs us. Do it all the more as you near the coming of the Lord, he adds.

We need each other, we need the support of our sisters and brothers in Jesus. We need more church, more prayer meetings, more instruction than at any other time in our lives. Such meetings are crucial and there are many of them around. Another ladies conference is in little more than a month at Hilltop Tabernacle in Chula Vista. I expect you would be blessed to attend that short meeting. If you live in northern California or want to make the drive, there will be the Western District Ladies Conference in Sacramento on February 24-26th.

I’m posting a few pictures here from the Ontario conference, and have lots more over on my Flickr site. (You may need to scroll down a bit to find the conference shots.) Tomorrow I will write here about the Saturday morning brunch.

This picture of Sisters Nita Hodges, one of our esteemed leaders,  and Jennifer Cobb, our speaker for the conference, is my second favorite of those I took of the conference. How blessed are we to be such friends with each other.

This is my favorite. I’m told this precious lady’s name is Olga, and that she received the Holy Ghost during the conference!

Ministers Howard and Sachs.

I love and honor our pastors–all of them–but today, I’m speaking especially of those who labored at the ladies conference.

Berni Cupoli, the UPCI Southern California Ladies Leader

Debi Saiz, one of our speakers.

Debbie Howard, the chief musician. 🙂

Madonna Massey, worship leader and soloist.

If you attended this meeting–or not–and have anything to say, I’d love to hear from you. Just leave a comment at the bottom of this page for everyone to appreciate.

9 thoughts on “Southern California Ladies Conference

  1. Michelle

    I’m so thankful to God that he made a way for me to attend this years Ladies Conference. It was my first, and I can’t wait to go back next year. I looked for you Sis Buxton but was not able to find you. I’m also going to attend Hilltops Ladies conference which I am very excited about. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures.


  2. Debbie, I am now 72 years old, have had the Holy Ghost since I was 10, and can truthfully say God’s presence is more dear and precious to me now than at any other time. How blessed I am. How blessed we are who can gather with each other and extol His name. There is nothing like it in this world.

    I’m praying for your conference that it will likewise be divinely touched.



  3. Debbie O'Brien

    You explained it so well. God’s presence is so precious. I will be attending the Western District Ladies Conf. and can’t wait to feel the presence of the Lord with 600+ ladies. There is nothing like it.


  4. Paula Luke

    I just wanted to say how blessed I was to attend one night of the Ladies Conf.!! I wish I could have made it the 2nd night!!!! I knew it was going to be an awesome service because of the preaching the night before Wow!! It was so good to see so many friends I haven’t seen for many years. I would have loved to stay and visit but it was late and my mom needed to get home. May God continue working in souls there in So. Calif.!!!

    God bless you,
    Sis Luke ( Sumner, WA,)


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