A Hero: Cody Alecia, the Flagboy

Most of you have no doubt heard of Cody Alecia, the youngster who a few days ago was told to remove the American flag from his bicycle when he rode onto school property. Cody, a patriotic youngster, attends the Denair Middle School in Denair, Ca, and it was the Superintendent of that school district, Edward Parraz, who stated the reason for Cody being told to remove the flag is because “flying the American flag might cause racial tensions.

I was incensed when I read of this, as were multitudes more. Such actions are ridiculous and sadly indicative of the sordid plight of our country. So many people protested, and so much pressure was brought on the school that it has now reversed itself.

Today, Cody was honored when hundreds of American Legion Riders and fellow patriots escorted Cody Alicea to Denair Middle School this morning. They all had American Flags on their bikes.

A veteran brings Cody to tears when he gives him his Purple Heart hat during a rally outside Cody’s school.

Source: KCRA

Take a look at this video. I promise it will bring you to tears. A hero. Cody is my hero.

6 thoughts on “A Hero: Cody Alecia, the Flagboy

  1. George Stotz

    God bless this young student, he’s an exemplary young man and is to be applauded for his patriotic actions. How can anyone say that flying the American Flag is racist. That attitude and statement is beyond comprehension to this old veteran. The superintendent of the school district is the one that should be reprimanded and given additional training on American history, culture and sensitivity awareness. In my opinion the Superintendent appears to be the one motivated by racist thoughts and actions.


  2. G Martin

    Good for Liberty Counsel (once again) …

    And once again a major victory for American loyalty & patriotism.
    Step by step, day by day, situation by situation, we will continue to fight to restore honor and morality to this country.

    And thank YOU, Pastor Buxton for your post !


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