Birthday Doings Day Three

It’s Sunday morning here in beautiful San Diego and I’m freezing. I have to sit outside to use the internet and it’s cold, so this will be short. In fact the post will consist of my favorite picture from yesterday and these few comments. We were all sitting at the outside area of downtown Anthony’s when I snapped the picture. Reflected in Shawnna’s glasses are Melina and two coke cups. I love it! We had a blast yesterday eating, visiting, laughing, and walking about Seaport Village.

Oh, I’ll add one more. It’s my beautiful granddaughter Chloe, telling me, (from across the table at Lido’s) how much she loves me! Well, I’m not sure she was saying that, but I can believe, can’t I. Love you too, my readers–family and friends! Have a blessed Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Doings Day Three

  1. Thanks for my “Happy Sunday” post. Yes, I’m taking this as MINE, all mine. 😉
    I love this post. I LOVE ♥ the people in the photos…and you know that’s true. 😉
    Thank you, Sis. Buxton.

    P.S. What did you think of the Chicken Florentine?

    Love you too, Tena. Yum to the chicken!


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