Amazing Accident Outcome: Supernatural Intervention?

An astounding story is being reported on network news, one in which, without the consideration of Divine Intervention, is nearly impossible to comprehend.

It is reported that an 18-month-old child–left by its parents in the care of a 4-year-old sibling–fell from a 7th floor window, totally escaping injury. It seems that a cafe on the ground floor beneath the family’s apartment had a problem with rolling up their awning, so that when the baby fell, he/she landed on that awning. Across the street, another child walking with his family, saw the baby near the edge of the balcony and alerted his father to the danger. The dad ran across the street just in time to catch the baby as it bounced from the awning. That heroic man was a doctor, who quickly assessed the baby, proclaiming no injuries. Amazing.

Such coincidence is almost unimaginable. Was it coincidence at play here? or did God intervene?


4 thoughts on “Amazing Accident Outcome: Supernatural Intervention?

  1. I think…God intervened. That baby will grow up and do something meaningful with his/her life and make a positive impact on his/her world. That’s what I think. 🙂

    P.S. This story made my heart feel good. ♥


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