The Only Prayer Request of Jesus

It was so many years ago that I cannot recall who the preacher was. I do remember his theme, however, and the text scripture.

“Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.”

The text is from Matthew 9:38, and in my Bible is printed in red…for these are the words of Jesus. The preacher chose well his title, a title etched to this day in my brain: The Only Prayer Request of Jesus.

A prayer request by Jesus. Think about it. A subject of such importance, one so dear to the heart of our Master that for as long as this earth stands, His powerful words will reach to us…will convict and motivate and arouse passion. Check out that chapter and the preceding verses.

“And Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people.

But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherds.

Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few;

…then verse 38, our subject, “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.”

How practical was the Man, Jesus. Mixed right in there with His incomprehensible ways of slapping mud onto unseeing eyes and thus effecting cures, His pasting on an ear that one of His disciples had sliced off, His growing fishes and loaves of bread in His hands, His “walking-on-water” instructions to Peter, His halting of funeral processions…mixed right in with these miracles was a practical observation. Lots of harvest here. Ripe. Bountiful. Beautiful. But too few workers. Spoilage, waste, fainting, blight, mold.

It’s Sunday again, and once more we will gather in our sanctuaries. We’ll greet each other and the occasional visitor and we’ll smile and shake hands, and we’ll feel quite well. After all, we have spent another week sharpening our sickle. Perhaps we’ll even take it with us  this morning and wield about  the shinning expensive harvest tool we’ve polished so highly. Perhaps we may gather up a fragment or two from the ripe fields, but if we’re honest, we’ll look about and judge fairly and question deeply: How much harvest is here about me? How many sheaves around my feet? How much larger is the congregation today than was so last year? How often, and how effectively, have I thrust in my harvest tools?

Very humbly today I echo the stirring words of Jesus, and to those who read here I ask you to join with me in obedience to His challenging words–those words that generations ago were flung to the world, “Pray that he will send forth laborers…”

One more thing. Have you continued long with preparation? Has sickle sharpening become your theme? Are you frantically trying to place “your ducks in a row?” Do you need one more workshop, one more conference, one more “how-to” book?

30 thoughts on “The Only Prayer Request of Jesus

  1. Please pray for me to have government job in uae for aed 25,000.00 pm for my better future/permanent settlement .
    I want to confirm that I am not Christian , one of my my friend told me pray to god in the name of Christ , and jesus will help you surely.
    I would request you please pray for me , I am requesting with a hope.
    please try to understand my problems
    jesus please help me you know my situation ,


  2. kamakhya

    I want to give thanks to God,for his blessing I had got chance to given interview for permanent job and with His blessing I took first position in the interview.Now my request to you please pray for me that my panel should pass smoothly from the department and I shall join the job.From 13th July this panel under department.Please pray for me I need this job for my family.Please please pray for me, so many evil work going on against my job,some are try to get the job through money power.Some are try to obstruct my job,some are try to stop the job through court because I am believe in Jesus.But I believe Christ power he should give me job.Please pray for me.


  3. Joel

    Join me in Prayer to God Almighty to revive my business and give me customers ,and also am believing God for Financial miracles today to pay my house rent , school fees , salary for my worker ,and pay my debts in Jesus Christ AMEN


  4. Priya Lee

    Plz Pray for Me to Jesus that all My Financial Problems should be solved & I should get Married with My Romeo. I Want My Romeo. I Am Very Depressed & evn Spoiling My Health due to Depression.
    I Feel that Romeo wil go away frm Me for Money. I cant imagine My Life without My Romeo.
    Every Second I Am Crying & Getting Hurt Bcoz of Romeo.
    Evn Though I Want My Romeo.


  5. daniel sane

    Hi My name is daniel,my wife has leg pain varicose veins since last few year
    she is feel so much pain she is also school teacher,so please pray for her she is suffering so painful life,
    and me for spiritual improvement
    my english is not so good so pls understand my prayer thanks


  6. Dear Brethren in Christ,
    Please pray for Shiji who is expecting a child and there is no heartbeat for the child.Jesus Christ will deliver her by the power of His Holy Spirit.Seeking your prayers for Shiji and her husband Paulose in this time.Praise be to God.


  7. menapati pavan kumar

    Dear uncle/Aunt, My name is menapati. Pavan kumar.
    Uncle/Aunt, my mother (M.DEEVENA) health is totally not well, Blood infection (CRP, RF is increased).
    Kindly pray to reduce CRP & RF to the normal stage.Please pray for my family to be live with me forever.
    Please pray to increase resistance power. I am not able to run even 1 km. I dont have stamina to run. I wanna be an police officer. This is a dream of my family & my self. So please pray for health & to increase stamina to run 10 km in 30 minutes.

    My name is Pavan kumar (pet name – sunny).I had done many time single mistake (sex) by cheating my family members. I am really realizing myself for behaving like cheater.

    I am very very sorry my Jesus, God and my family members. please forgive me. I wont do again this mistake. Please believe me and forgive me please.
    Now I want to be good child for my God, Jesus and family members.
    Please pray for me to fulfill my mothers desires.
    Please pray for me to be obedient to my parents, my brother & sister & elder people. Please pray for knowledge to right decision in a right time & to put
    concentration on work.
    I kindly begging you to pray for health & stamina & strength my legs, hands & in my full body.
    I am asking with full of faith on God. Please pray for me.


  8. Abhishek

    Praise the Lord
    My name is abhishek. I wish to pray that my brokeb relation with the one who i love is restored. It is only through miracle of Lord Jesus that everything can be same agin. right now I am in tremendous mental trauma nad depression. Please pray for me


  9. kiruthika

    my name is kiruthika. my husband name is ravi. before one month i request to my jesus, my
    husband stay with another lady, please my husband leave another lady for my two babies future. my jesus is great
    because my husband now leave her. now he for me only. i am so happy. thanks a lot to my jesus. now
    i want to another request to my jesus. i believe my jesus strength. my husband is not going to any job. so please jesus my husband go
    to any one good job in chennai or anyone place in tamilnadu as you like jesus and for my job also. please pray for me to my jesus.
    we are love marriage, so jesus please help us to our life and our babies future.


  10. soujanya reddy

    my cousin sister name is vishupriya she in seior condition in hospital in andhra pardesh in anantapur. {snake bite on 5 may night in her stomach poison speard in body} humbly request . please prayer ……


  11. kiruthika ravi

    my name is kiruthika. my husband name is ravi. i have two babies. when i marriage as still as i haven’t happy. because he have bad friends and bad behaviers. and he not love with me. anytime drinking and anytime leave with me. i am not happy. but i love my husband very much more than me and the world. now he love another lady. Pls my husband leave with her. i want my husband for me and only for me only. i want my husband without bad friends, behaviers, and drinking. i want my husband only for me only and my babies with love with me. i can’t do anything. pls pray to God for me pls… pls… pls..


  12. stephen

    I have just given my board exam of 12 please pray for me that I get good percent and admission in good college jesus forgive my sins and will not commit it again


  13. Rajesh

    Please help me to stop drinking and smoking , please give me the courage . I am suffering from mouth ulcer .. Everyoone please pray for me to help me get out of this . My job is also in stake .. please pray for me to give me the self control.


  14. kay

    Lord Almighty please help all your children that is going through some kind of trial .Lord just like them i also have my request please help the man i love Arron D that his faith in you may increase Lord also throw out his court matter that h has at present please let the judge find favour in him this i pray in JESUS NAME AMEN.


  15. Mehar

    Dear Brother/ Sister
    I completed my MSc in pharmaceutical Science a year ago at london. I been searching for a job since that time, I haven’t got yet. Today evening I attended a telephonic interview for Quality Assurance Associate position. So please pray to lord jesus that I should be selected for that vacancy. Really I am in need.

    Thanking You


  16. sony

    Dear god, in the name of jesus,pls show my husband vinod some way out of the financial problems he is facing.pls open the windows of heaven and pour out on him financial blessings.pls give him plenty and plenty of business work, new projects, finances and travel so that he becomes busy and some money comes u jesus.


  17. ashok

    prise the loard brother my name is ashok i hav no job to feed my family after my father plz pray for my family . our jesus christ have to bless me and my family to achive my goals any set right at my career plz guide me in god thank u ………………


  18. Rabbi Olive

    My name is Rabbi Olive i am born christian i believe in him i trust the verses whatever has spoken in the holy bible i won’t betray him at anytime of life i can fight for him with Lucifer if is necessary i like him i know the reason for why he has invented earth. But in my life whatever i am asking to him is not getting to me i don’t know why now i have asked him one thing which is not a bad thing or illegal one he knows about it very well……….because he is watching me everyday that i can feel it.

    Why he is not fulfilling my expectations?
    What he needs from me ?
    I really don’t know.
    Can u please help me


  19. Vinay

    Hello Prayer Group,

    My name is Vinay. I love a girl, we were almost engaged, were preparing for our marriage, but everything went wrong. We had a rough time because of my blunders. She loved me, but her family thought we were not compatible because I made her cry many times because of my foolishness and my stupid mistakes. Her family played a double game and spread rumours about me. They wanted me to leave everyone and settle with her far away from Bangalore. They threatened us indirectly in some anti-Christ organization’s name because they know that I believe in Christ. By the way, I am a non-Christian. They would scare her and threaten her time and again. She did not believe me when I told her that her family was doing all this to separate us. Ultimately, they succeeded in separating us. Finally, she left me. It broke my heart. I never expected this from her. Even though she left me, I still believe that she is a good girl. I love her so much. I have nothing to live for in my life. I feel very empty. I am lost. I am not happy. I feel very sick about all these things. One last day, she even made fun of my love. That hurt me the most. I don’t know where my life is heading. It’s been a year since I saw her. She said she is married; I am not sure about this. Maybe she is engaged. I don’t know. I don’t want to know about that. I am ready to forgive her and accept her back into my life. But only Jesus can help me. I still have the engagement ring that I bought for her.

    I am 33 now and it is very taxing on me. All my friends and relatives of my age have all settled in life. Can you please pray? Please. Please pray to Jesus to fix all my problems.



  20. pinky

    BLESS kannan and pinky and their family with success, good health and wealth

    BLESS kannan in his TRAVEL business , bless him with good health , wealth, progress in his business and ABUNDANCE success in all whatever he does

    BLESS kannan and pinky happy married life


    BLESS PINKY in her travel business and bless her and her work with abundance success, good health and wealth



    BLESS ARENA, GLORIA to get married in good family with good life partners





  21. gayathri

    hello paster,

    praise the lord!

    i love jesus lot. i fall in love past 5 years. i informed to my uncle, he accept. he ready to fix the date, in this situation he didn’t accept me. suddenly he avoid me. he ask 2 more years. so my uncle really disapointed with this. now my age is 24. he really worried about that. please pray for me, he will accept me again and marry me soon. As well as my family affected by black magic. pray for us to releave this soon. my fiancy name is sumith. i belive jesus will reply me soon.

    thanks & Regards,


  22. loy lambert

    dear loving brothers in christ

    a court case is pending against me for the last six years.due to this i didn’t get a government job so far. i need a complete deliverance from this court case in this year itself through THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS. The main hindrance is the court case in securing the job . so i kindly request you to keep me in your prayers so that i will be free from this bondage very soon. now i am jobless, frustrated , and in deep mental agony hence i need your constant prayer support.

    thanking you in Jesus name
    Loy Lambert


  23. aniljoseph

    “Dear Sir,
    My Name is Anil Joseph, I am staying in a place called nedumangadu,
    I am 30 years old,
    I am writing this mail for a particular reason. For last 10 years,
    I am facing a lot(different) of pain and uneasiness in the body and my
    heart. Nothing is seen in the treatment what the dusease is. Now my marriage
    is being planned. Lord please touch me and heal me. Please all pray to me
    to Jesus. That I should be married , and lead a good married life. All Satans
    attacks, curses on me should be stopped. please all pray for me.

    Thanking You




    Please do pray for me I am having problem with my boss. I am depressed. I do not have a house and do pray for the same. I am looking for a girl for my son and please do pray for the same. Please do pray for my two children, my wife and my aged parents. Please do pray for my sons sap course completion. Please do pray God to use me.


  25. Good morning, Brother Anil Kumar:

    It is distressing when one of our loved ones is sick, and I am happy to join in prayer for your mother. May God direct the doctors and most of all touch her body with His healing hands.

    God bless you.

    Shirley Buxton


  26. Anil Kumar

    Dated : 01-08-2010
    “ Praise the Lord”
    I am Anil Kumar from Chandigarh, India. I want to give prayer request for my mother named SHAMIM, aged 75 years, she is suffering from heart disease, kidney disease, epilepsy, liver disease. Doctor suspecting that she is also suffering C diabetes (sugar). She is sick from last one moth and was admitted in Hospital but now she is being discharged but doctors could not diagnosed her disease properly. She is very weak even could not walk and eat properly now she is on bed. Please pray for her recovery. We are very upset because of her sickness. Please remember her in your prayer so that our lord, who is savior and healer will give perfect healing I her body, soul and mind and she could live long happy life.
    Thanking you in Jesus Christ
    Your Brother in Christ
    Anil Kumar


  27. Gerald Buxton

    “Lord lay some soul upon my heart and love that soul through me and may I ever do my part to win that soul to Thee”. Six adults in the altar Sunday in LHC, five of them men, one young single mother with an infant child in her arms. …..yes Lord the harvest is plenteous and we are running out of time.


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