The Days of My Birthday

Okay, okay I know you’re gasping in anticipation of a word from me so that you may know of the days leading up to my birthday–my 72nd–which is today, July 24, 2010! Unbelievable. How did I ever get this old?

Anyway, on Wednesday night after church we drove from our motor home in Lake Havasu, (where, by the way, the temperature at 8:30 pm was 106 degrees) to our delightful 5000- feet-high place in Crestline (where the coolness was of such degree that we had to pull up a down comforter as we prepared to sleep that night.) Lamps had been lighted in the house, a fresh package of Raspberry Danish was on the kitchen counter, as was a bowl piled high with just-picked garden vegetables. We knew. Our sweet daughter had driven up the hill from San Bernardino and cozied up the house for us. “I couldn’t stand the thoughts of you arriving there in the middle of the night with the house being all dark.” I’ve told you before: I have the world’s greatest daughter. Her name is Rebecca.

On Thursday Jerry did yard work, I toiled over the washer and the dryer, and in the afternoon, Rebecca came up and visited with us for several hours. We lolled about, ate chili and split pea soup that I heated from cans, read books and newspapers, and went to bed early.

On Friday, we traipsed down the hill, and after Jerry got a hair cut, we met Rebecca at Patrick and Holly’s, then all piled in their van and drove to a Fish House for my birthday dinner. It was scrumptious. Rebecca had baked a chocolate cake, so after our dinner we all indulged. There were candles, laughter, a present, and best of all…an impromptu quartet that held forth with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday belted out in opera fashion.

What a blessed person am I!

11 thoughts on “The Days of My Birthday

  1. Thank you Mary for such sweet comments. You are very dear.

    Rebecca, wasn’t it great, and how about that picture of the opera quartet…It’s my favorite. Love you too…and miss you.


  2. Dale White

    Happy birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day Sis Buxton! Say, I just happen to know those folks in the quartet…great, great bunch of folks! I gather, though, that they must have not made it public yet that they are accomplished operatic singers!!? I suppose I should request a little snippet of some of the more well-known opera musicals by each of them the next time I see them! God bless you and prayers for a great year ahead! 😀


  3. Thank you, Helen.

    Kathy, isn’t that amazing. I did not complain, although I noted the candles were awfully big, so their size must stand for a certain number of years! Not going there…just in case each one is a 20.


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