Press on…in Jesus Name.

For my dear friend Pam Kern who is a gallant warrior…and for you, also, who at this moment need encouragement to press on.

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 84 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

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Dear Sister Buxton,
We were at an ALJC Fellowship Meeting and the UPC Minister who was preaching the Fellowship Meeting, his wife mentioned the passing of Sister Pam (Myers) Kern. If you by chance can update me I would be so appreciative. I have seen nothing on your blog about her passing and no pictures either. I wonder how Sister Patsy Myers is coping losing Pam so soon after the loss of her husband?
We are deeply saddened to learn of her passing! Pam was always a vibrant, talented young woman when we knew her and a very talented person. We will be praying for her children and Sister Patsy Myers.
Warmest Regards,
Sister Colleen McAbee


Dearest Pam,
Greetings in the Wonderful & Precious Name of Jesus Christ!
I am reminded of the scripture, “Life is as but a vapor that appeareth for little while then vanishes away.”
My precious and Godly mother, Sister Gibbs passed from this life in December of last year and my husband, Pastor McAbee’s Mother passed away just this October 17, 2010 and was buried in Chowchilla (oh the good times we had together in Chowchilla) on October 21, 2010.
Needless to say, my Husband Brother McAbee and I were devastated by the loss of both our Mothers in less than a year!
We both were personally saddened by the loss of your Dad, Brother Wendell Myers who baptized us both into the “Body of Christ.” Had Brother McAbee and I known we would certainly have been there to honor the Man who baptized us both in the Lovely Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!
I just want you to personally know, I have thought of you often, as I am sure Brother McAbee has also and we pray for the perfect will of God for you!
You and your mother were such great examples for me and I and my husband have “Worshiped the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness” much because of you, your precious Mother and your Dad! Doctrinally sound are we because of your Dad’s teaching and your Mother’s love. You were always a great encouragement to me and of course, to my husband! Give your Mother our very best and we love each of you as “Members of the Body of Christ” not as members of any particular organization!
Pam, I thank you for your love and support during the early years of Wylie and I coming into the “Truth,” Pamela, you have always been on my mind and in my heart! Both Pastor McAbee and I are praying for you, not only about the the loss of your Dad but because of the sickness you are so bravely enduring and fight you are giving this thing we know so well as cancer! We are praying for your Mother whom Brother McAbee speaks of so very often and so affectionately!!!!
Thanks to Sister Florence, Brother McAbee and I were so looking forward to reconnecting with you and meeting your husband at Pastor Nate Wilson’s conference but alas it was not to be!!!
It was such an “Honor” that Florence bestowed upon us to sing and for my husband to speak at her Funeral/Memorial service. I love and appreciate you for your love & friendship when I first came into the “Truth” and I hold it precious to this day!!!
Your Mother, Sister Patsy Myers was always such a Godly Holiness woman and I too have learned that Holiness is a revelation just like the
the Eternal God in Christ is a revelation! I remember so fondly how sweet you were to me when I finally came into the Truth of Repentance, Water Baptism in the Lovely Name of Jesus the Christ the Son of the living God and God incarnate in human flesh!
I only wish we had known about your Dad, Brother Myers, we would certainly have been in attendance to honor him for having been so instrumental in teaching us the ways of “Holiness” and the “Truth.”
Rest assured, both my husband and I appreciate you and your Mother and Dad for all they have done for teaching us and being the personification of “Holiness.”
We wish you and your husband and family, extended family, church family and friends well! May God Bless you and yours. Please give your precious Mother our warmest regards and share with her how much respect and admiration both Wylie and I have for her!
Pam, it would be nice to see you again but if not in this life, in the resurrection! Gospel of John 5:28-29, I Corthians 15: 51-57, I Thesalonians 4: 13-18.
Warmest Regards in Jesus’ Name,
Pastor & Mrs. Wylie D. McAbee
Wylie & Colleen

Thank you for these precious remarks. I will forward them to Pam. God bless you.


I know this is a bit “after the fact,” but I thought I would say this anyhow. Although I did not know Sis. Pam Kern really well, about 10 yrs. ago when I was deciding where to attend church (I wound up attending Bro. Coon’s church up in Lynnwood, WA; I believe Bro. Buxton either knows or knows of Bro. Coon.), Pam invited me to a barbecue. I am sure she doesn’t remember this. I had only visited the Bellevue, WA church a few times and did not go to the barbecue. Anyway, I was glad to read of her response to those who offered words of encouragement. I liked her and her spirit when I briefly met her. I was happy to have had the privilege of hearing her father, Bro. Myers, preach a few times up in Lynnwood, WA. He and Elder Coon were good friends (though I know they had their differences in opinion on a few things), but the Myers, I believe, were there to help celebrate Elder & Sis. Coon’s 50-yr. wedding anniversary. I read of Sis. Myers in your “Link To Excellence” book (which my mother has). See Sis. Buxton, even men glean some things from reading about “lady things.” Just thought I would mention this to you. Consistent thoughts/prayers for you, Bro. Buxton & your family!


I have spent the last couple of days thinking of the times I was around Pam, as teenagers in Bakersfield. Pam was so alive and fun.
At this point in time my prayer is that our Creator will touch Pam and her families.



Bobbie, thank you for posting these words to Pam. I talked to her daughter, Cindy, this morning, and she is going to take a laptop to Pam so she can read our things. I know she will appreciate your words…and the encouraging thoughts from others.

Love you so much, Bobbie.


Dear Sis. Pam;
i am thinking of you and praying for you!!

I love your cheerful positive spirit and I know you are a
blessing to those around you.

Keep believing, we are believing with and for you!

b. shoemake


Thank you, Dean, for being here. We must continue to press on, for it will not be long before we individually stand before God. I love you and your precious wife.


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