Easter at Christ Alive!

By Saturday night before Easter we had prepared everything, including setting up the chairs so that now on Sunday morning 99 chairs were lined up in our little auditorium, with a few spares in the nursery. Our goal was 100, but some of us thought we might have more.

At 9:00 after a short meeting with the staff, we knelt and prayed.

Ninety-one (91) was our final count! Although it was a bit under our goal of one hundred we were happy. What truly made us happy was that we could strongly feel the presence of God, and at the conclusion of the preaching by Andrew, the altar area was filled…and then once again, a new one was born into the kingdom. Nicole (no picture. Hope to get one soon) received the precious gift of the Holy Ghost. That made three of our CIP students who during a two- week period had received the Holy Ghost! We were ecstatic.

4 thoughts on “Easter at Christ Alive!

  1. Glad you had such a great crowd for Easter and a precious soul filled with the Holy Ghost! I rejoice with you. An 11 year old girl who received the Holy Ghost at a recent youth conference was baptized on Sunday. Her dad and 4 other relatives who had never been in service before were with us. Exciting times indeed!


  2. How utterly incredible our God is!!! Thank you for sharing the excitement and miracles that are occurring in Lake Havasu. We will be praying for that goal of 100 in attendance to met and surpassed in the coming weeks!


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