Sister Pugh Joins Her Beloved in Death

Astounding. I just received word that Sister Bessie Pugh, the wife of Rev. J. T. Pugh has also died. Brother Pugh died on Tuesday, and his beloved wife joined him on Wednesday. A double funeral is planned for Friday in Odessa.

Is this not a beautiful way for a devoted couple to leave this world. Amazing, simply amazing.

Updated Official announcement here.

Jesse Truman “J.T.” Pugh Rev. (1923 – 2010)

ODESSA It was the “for better or for worse day, in sickness and in health, till death do us part” day. March 23, 2010, was the day Jesse Truman Pugh Lived for. It was the day J.T. Pugh became a spiritual being and left the cares of life for the splendor of heaven. Bessie Byrl, his mate of 65 years, had told him the day before he left, “let’s go together.” Instead, she sat by his side as he made his journey into the land he had preached about, lived for and believed in since he was 12. As his last breath passed from his body, she led her family in prayer and then in the song that signified his life, “We’re part of the family, the family of God.”
More of Brother Pugh’s very interesting obituary here.
Image credit: Arthur Hodges Facebook

4 thoughts on “Sister Pugh Joins Her Beloved in Death

  1. Jane Wiley

    My heart was touched by the beautiful story of devotion concerning Rev. J.T. Pugh and his dear wife Bessie.

    They are finding comfort and peace in heaven… and resting forever in the arms of their beloved Savior.


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