3 thoughts on “The Death of Brother J. T. Pugh

  1. ron miller

    im up at 6:30 am on friday december 9…when i decide to do some filing of important paper’s..(.well like all kindz of documents )…then i go to my lil end table and find the book….”the wisdom and the power of the cross” by j.t. pugh..well …i take a lil break and ..think …why dont i google his name to see what he is doing these dayz ..well to my surprise …he has passed away in 2010…well i feel so bad ..im here in tears ..what have i done with my life for the last four years ….eyes filled with tears .you see he signed my book for me at heritage upc church in bristol more that 5 years ago …i feel so bad right now ..oh how i miss the touch of god! for im a backslidden christian..im so ashames ..! what have i done lord?

    i have asked god ..a few times over the yearz .what do you want me for? im the lowest ..what can you do with me now ? he did not answer ..but i know he is waiting to tell me in his time !..well im not much a writing ..but i tried..may god bless his soul ..(ron miller of bristol ct.)


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