Here and There with Water Drops

I am fascinated by water drop photography. Last Summer when we were home in Crestline, I spent quite a period of time in our gardens trying my hand at this new-found interest, and was pretty happy with the results. A few days ago, here in Lake Havasu, I again attached my Hoya close-up filters to the front of my kit-lens, and snapped away…having mixed results, I must admit. I threw away most of the shots, but kept a couple of them. My favorite is this one in which you can see an upside down image of our patio umbrella:

My second favorite:

This one looks like a cat; at least it does to me. 🙂

…finally, a couple from last Summer. Crestline water drops!

Hope your day is great; take some time to look at rain drops, dew on the leaves and flowers that are nudging up from the cool earth.

Note: Exciting news from our church here.

5 thoughts on “Here and There with Water Drops

  1. These photos are amazing! All your practice is showing through; you are improving in leaps and bounds in your photography. 🙂

    Do you like your new theme?


  2. Hello, Gladwell and Jacqueline. Thank you for the compliments. I LOVE water drop photography, but i find it very hard. I spent hours with these shots.

    Be blessed always.


  3. Hi Shirley. Your new site looks gorgeous not to mention the water drop pictures. I love it…the site and the lovely gift of your lens. My heart feels so refleshed and pure even as I look at these crystal clear drop of water.

    Blessings your way.



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