On the Ground; In the Sky

There is a very nice walking path on the island, and as I prepared to get into the car after Jerry and I had walked a little over 30 minutes there this morning, high in the distant sky I spied something. I pointed my camera skyward.

…and saw this cute little thing. I hoped it would turn our way.

It did, passing right over head, so that we got a great look.

…and then it was gone. And so were we. Drove to our motor home, had a simple breakfast and prepared for the day.

It’s beautiful in Lake Havasu this time of the year. Moderate weather…and take a look at those skies. Not one hint of smog.

Note: Not sure what kind of plane this is. Ultralight?

7 thoughts on “On the Ground; In the Sky

  1. Michael, isn’t it also called a Trike? They have these in Hawaii and next time I go I want to ride one…so bad! Len’s not sure he will let me, tho’. 😦 They look SO FUN!


  2. Michael

    This is an ultralight,powered by a air cooled engine called a Rotax,if you lose power in one of these aircraft, I believe they have a 19 to 1 glide slope.


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