Thinking of Chile

My brother is involved in consulting work in Chile. When I heard of the devastating earthquake, and the widespread carnage, I worried about him. Immediately I emailed, understanding though, that all communication may have been interrupted, but within minutes, he responded telling me he is safe. I’m thankful. I’m also feeling pain for those families who have suffered injuries, the loss of their families and the loss of their homes. I am praying for them. Across the waters, we are all connected.

From AP news today comes this release:

WASHINGTON — The State Department on Sunday urged Americans to avoid tourist trips and other nonessential travel to Chile, one day after the South American country was struck by a magnitude-8.8 earthquake.

American citizens who are currently in Chile were asked to contact family and friends in the United States, whether by telephone, Internet or cell-phone text messaging.

Those without access to a telephone or the Internet were encouraged to register with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

4 thoughts on “Thinking of Chile

  1. Hi Shirley. I thank God that your brother is safe. This is an hour for the people of God to stand up and pray because HIS COMING is drawing nigh and the signs of the times are everywhere.

    Let keep our lamps burning.



  2. Pauline

    Your prayers are greatly appreciated. My whole family is from Chile. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to talk with my family and most of my friends there and know that there are doing well. Your continued prayers will definitely be felt.


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