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Red Robin Restaurants, TV Sets, and Beauty

Yesterday, Jerry and I traveled to Safford, AZ, and for lunch stopped at a Red Robin in Mesa, AZ. It wasn’t a first visit to Red Robin, although it was our first time to be in this particular one. But it was a first for other reasons; a television set was in the men’s restroom, and an embedded television set was in the floor of the entrance. I didn’t notice one in the ladies room, but maybe one was there and just was not turned on. We’ll be going back that way on Monday, and if we have time, I’d like to stop in and take a shot of those strangely placed television sets. (Well, I won’t go in the men’s room, and I doubt if I can talk Jerry into taking a picture in there!)

Downright strange. As we left the facility after a delicious lunch, Tiger Woods was saying his apology from the entrance floor of the Red Robin in Mesa, AZ.

It wasn’t strange outside, though. The setting was beautiful, boasting a sunny day with temperature in the high 60s. The landscaping was splendid; beautiful shadows and tracery on the walls.

Well, if you’re hankering to watch a television program in the floor, stop in at the Red Robin in Mesa. Might as well have a hamburger while you’re there.

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 81 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 64 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

13 replies on “Red Robin Restaurants, TV Sets, and Beauty”

Len and I are going to Scottsdale for a few days next month…just to relax before cherry season starts. Looking forward to it. The trip…not the cherry season. Lol!

I’ve never heard of Antelope Canyon. Hmmm…maybe I’ll go there some day too. 🙂


Two points I would like to insert here.
One, how much beauty is there to stop and see it close at hand every day. There is a need to take the time, as the old saying GOES, “TO SMELL THE ROSE.” Look at the fields of spring flowers, the dog wood bloom and the mountains majesty. Or be overtaken by a computer projected image?
Two, imagine yourself as an archeologist five hundred years in the future. You are uncovering what appears to be a place for eating or where food of some kind was prepared. Then you find right in the middle of their floor a larger project screen. What was the purpose or what was the need of such an item?

Just my thouyghts;


I hadn’t noticed that Tena, but after finding out I’ve been stumbling over TV sets for years and didn’t know it, I’m not surprised.

Are you going to be in Arizona for part of your vacation? I’m “dying” to go to Antelope Canyon. It’s a photographer’s heaven, they say.


Okay, you probably didn’t turn the camera. I find that when I do, the photos never seem to have as good quality as when I don’t turn it. Do you find that with yours?


Well, I don’t know; maybe I’ve walked right over TV sets in many Red Robins and didn’t even notice.

Tena, sad to say, I don’t remember how I positioned my camera for those shots. I know I did crop, but not to make them in a certain aspect, but to remove unwanted objects.

It’s the truth about Arizona. It is a stunningly beautiful state.


Our Red Robin has one in the entry floor and every other one I’ve been to does too. Not sure about the men’s bathroom. 😉

I just absolutely LOVE Arizona landscape! Took losts of pics last spring when we went for vacation. So excited to take more on our spring vacation next month. 🙂 Spring is a wonderful time in Az.

Question: The 2nd and 3rd photo posted here…Did you turn your camera side-ways or crop the sides to make it that shape. Thanks.


@Mel, tell me now: Does the men’s restroom at our Red Robin in Lake Havasu have a TV? (Thanks for the picture compliment.)

@Dean, I’ve been in more than one Red Robin–never saw a TV embedded in the entrance floor.

Wish I had a stack of those onion rings right now.


it is probably a cookie cutter of the one you visited. i think they are out of colorado. going to make onion rings with my dinner, after your subliminal message…. thanks!!


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