Surprise! Peet’s Coffee and Raspberry Truffles

Jerry came home with the package, and because I was expecting nothing else, I thought the camera lens had come earlier than they had said it would. (I ordered a new lens back in January, it was defective, I sent it back, and am now waiting for the replacement.) But no, it was not the lens. The box said, Peets Coffee. Peets Coffee! I knew then, without looking, who had sent it; that wouldΒ  be Tena. Sweet Tena who had first introduced me to Peets Coffee, and who, another time, had sent me a package of the fine brew.

I tore open the box, and not only did I see the expected package of coffee, but there was a cellophane bag of raspberry truffles. Can you image anything much better? An exceptional cup of steamy coffee and a couple of raspberry truffles. It was too late for us to drink coffee, but I didn’t care, I wanted it, so I brewed a small pot. was delicious. Add a couple of round red truffles…heavenly.

When it’s my birthday, or Christmas, or Mothers’ Day, or our anniversary–anything like that–and someone buys me a present, I really do appreciate it, don’t take it for granted, and I realize that nobody owes me a present just because it’s my birthday or my anniversary. And I appreciate any gift I receive. But there’s just something different when someone, for no special reason, sends a gift. That’s how it was a couple of days ago with the Peets coffee and the raspberry truffles. One day Tena thought about me; thought enough about me to look up my address, take out her credit card, get on the phone or on the internet and order a gift for me. Neat, isn’t it. Sweet, loving and kind.

Thank you, Tena. You are a very special person…and I love you.

Our world is replete with good, caring, loving people. When one or two of such persons are in our circle of influence, we indeed are blessed…aren’t we. We’re grateful, too…

8 thoughts on “Surprise! Peet’s Coffee and Raspberry Truffles

  1. Well…I just came from spending some not-wasted time at Gladwell’s blog. And, I must concur, Sis. Buxton!

    Gladwell IS sweet as well! Very sweet, indeed. πŸ˜€


  2. Awww…you are sweet too, Sis. Buxton. This is a beautiful post and I appreciate it so very much. I’m uncomfortable with compliments, but I receive this gesture of gratitude and love from you. I love you too and I love your photos here. Thank you. πŸ™‚


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