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Frequently I have thought about it. Not with angst or regret, but as a cursory thought and a fleeting consideration, wondering how it would be if I had taken a significantly different direction in my life. Perhaps I occasionally deliberate in this way because I have such varied interests. Now, be sure of this before we go further; I would not change my life at all–not in any major way, for I have lived an exceptionally happy life and am surrounded by loyal friends and a remarkable family. My entire life has been centered around God, His work and His people, and I am one hundred percent sure I could not have chosen a better center for my existence. So, I’m not talking about that. I’m speaking more of secular activities and occupations.

Think about it with me: If you could start over, would you again choose the occupation in which you are involved today? Would you choose once more to be an attorney, a teacher, a preacher, a doctor, a carpenter, a sales-person, a nurse, a singer, a speaker, a journalist? Or, knowing what you do now, would you choose something different?

As I referenced earlier, I have been exceptionally blessed: Jerry has been the major “bread-winner” in our home, and I’ve spent very little time working outside our home. I have little occupational training. Now, don’t get the idea I’ve been lolling about all these years; quite the opposite is the case. I’ve worked hard and long in our churches and in my home, and I would change none of that. I love being a wife and a mom.

But I have lots of interests…and sometimes I think about how it would be if I taken a different way. I’ll tell you what interests me.

1. When I was in high school I was sure I wanted to be a doctor. That still interests me and if I were to choose that route today, I think I would decide to be an obstetrician. Emergency room work intrigues me, also.

2. I think I would love to be an attorney, but I would not be a defense attorney. I cannot imagine defending someone who I felt sure was guilty of a crime. Couldn’t do that.

3. I would love to be a student of the Constitution; might like to be a judge.

4. Photography greatly appeals to me. I could be a professional photographer and love it.

5. It’s surely not practical, but I can envision myself as a perpetual student. Love the thought of expansive and ongoing study of history, English, literature.

6. If I could think of a way to do it and get paid for it, I definitely could be a world traveler.

Want to hear some things I definitely wouldn’t want to do?

1. I could not earn a living by being a seamstress. I literally cannot sew on a button or hem a sleeve and it be a perfect job. Just can’t do it. Thread tangles, nothing is straight…hate the job.

2. Although I’m probably pretty good at it, I don’t like selling things.

3. I cannot imagine being a computer guru. While I spend much time on a computer, and am a skillful typist (won contests in high school) I detest the nitty-gritty of making things work. I’m not mechanically inclined at all. Barely can empty the vacuum and get it back together properly.

4. While I would like to be a doctor, I don’t think I’d enjoy being a nurse. Too much paper work and scullery duties.

5. Don’t want to be a cook, either.

6. Nor a bookkeeper, CPA…none of that. (I do not like bookkeeping, but get stuck with it all the time. :(

I may have some other thoughts to add, but I definitely want to hear from you. What is your occupation? Are you happy you chose that field? Why? Why not? What would you like to do instead?