Leadership Seminar in Casa Grande

We’re in Casa Grande, a town halfway between Phoenix and Tucson, for a leadership seminar, staying at a hotel called the Francisco Grande. After we arrived here yesterday afternoon, I prowled around a bit, taking lots of pictures of this interesting place.

Brother David Bernard, the newly elected superintendent of the UPCI is the speaker for the sessions; last night was exceptional. A capacity crowd united in purpose and spirit, beautiful worship, plus an anointed and intellectual presentation made for a perfect service. Our final session will be at 10:00 this morning.

We’re on the 7th floor. There are a couple floors higher than ours, I think.  Beautiful soaring lines.

View off our balcony. Makes you dizzy, huh?

Tranquil gardens, here in the dead of winter, yet…unique pots…

Edit Saturday evening: Because we were at this resort such a short time, I didn’t really learn all its history until a few minutes ago when I watched the video that is on the hotel link. Very interesting. Take a look and a listen. Think you’ll like it.

MORE PICTURES on my Flickr site.

7 thoughts on “Leadership Seminar in Casa Grande

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