Miss Me Yet?

At first no one knew who had erected the billboard, but in recent hours the news has surfaced that an anonymous business owner is responsible for this unique display. The billboard is in Wyoming, Minnesota and has attracted nationwide attention.

Complete story here.

Well, do you? I do.

13 thoughts on “Miss Me Yet?

  1. renaissanceguy

    I do not miss him very much.

    I like and admire George W. Bush as a man. As a president, he did some things really well.

    However, like Jay, I found many things to disapprove while he was president. I felt that he was able to get my vote but did not deliver on most of my exprectations.

    He was slightly better than the current president, as Jay says.


  2. Do I miss him? Yes, but only because he was “seemingly” better than Obama. He sold me out on immigration, bailouts, the budget, and more.

    While I think he is better than what we have, it is marginally at best.


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