First Baby Born on USNS Comfort in Haiti

In the midst of the Haiti horrors of death and injury so extreme that it is hard to even think about them, there flash a few bright moments. One of those moments was when baby Esther was successfully delivered by Cesarean section, following her mother’s having sustained pelvis and femur fractures during the earthquake. She’s a tiny little thing, weighing less than five pounds, and even though she was delivered seven weeks prematurely, she is quite healthy and there have been no complications during her short life.

Medical professionals aboard the Military Sealift Command hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) delivered baby Esther at 2:27 p.m. on Jan. 21. She is the first baby delivered aboard the 1,000-bed floating hospital, which is in Haiti supporting Operation Unified Response.

Source: Fox News

How blessed is this tiny girl, who while yet within the warm body of her badly injured mother was spared death in that horrendous earthquake, where literally hundreds of thousands were killed and injured. Now compassion has swept us and the world has gone to the aid of these unfortunate people. Her mother is being tended, and in a hospital floating on the Caribbean Sea lies baby Esther, sleeping in that dreamless innocent way of the newborn.

Edit January 23: I have found a link to a blog reporting from the USNS. Lots of news items and pictures.

6 thoughts on “First Baby Born on USNS Comfort in Haiti

  1. Jason Parker

    This is not the first though. A Haitian migrant woman gave birth to a baby girl back in 1994-1995 timeframe. The baby was named “Stephanie”. Rumor stated that the babies middle name was “Comfort”.


    1. Hello, dear Jayleigh. About the babies: Have you heard if they are available for adoption? Seems they would be since they are now orphans. I think of you often, and am still wishing a baby for you.


  2. Ruth J Taylor

    Yes.!! How Blessed is this tiny girl and her Mother! To be saved and cared for midst all the devastation around them. I Do wonder what their Destiny holds.??


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