I wasn’t sitting with Andrew and Shawnna when the doctor went into the hospital room in San Diego a few minutes ago, but a phone call told me the conversation went something like this:

We have the results of your MRI and I’m happy to tell you they are totally normal.

We have the results of your blood work and every one is normal, with the exception of a slight anemia.

Two doctors have examined your MRI and declare it to be perfect.


This family–this Buxton family–is ecstatic, let me tell you! Shawnna is a non-complainer, very tough, and very calm, so that when she was distressed enough yesterday to go to the emergency room with those frightening symptoms, we were all dreadfully concerned. It has been a long, dark 24 hours. But it has been a long, dark 24 hours with glittering rays of faith and of hope and of confidence; a long dark 24 hour span spangled with prayer meetings in the day and in the night; a long dark 24 hours punched with messages from around the country. What a great people is God’s Church! How great is God! How faithful, how powerful, how loving and kind. This family–this Buxton family–is thankful.

Normal! Neat word, huh.

10 thoughts on “Normal!

  1. Thank you everyone for your prayers and positive remarks…and please, I join with Tena again in asking you to continue to pray for Shawnna. Her symptoms are a bit lessened today, but are still with her. I’m believing God to completely deliver her from this.


  2. I too rejoice with you all and thank my faithful God that the MRI came back normal. I truly am thankful.

    But…would everyone continue to pray for my little sister? She would like so very much to know what is causing her symptoms so that something can be done to make them disappear. It’s been going on too long and is keeping her from having a peaceful life.

    Thank you so much. God bless all you caring people. 🙂


  3. Sis. Buxton,
    It was so wonderful to hear that report this afternoon from Rebecca. I love how you have looked at this “storm”, this “scare”, and though dark was the way, you saw the hand of God shining throughout the whole 24 hours! What a neat God we serve!!!

    We will continue to pray for Shawnna so that she doesn’t continue to experience these frightening episodes.

    Love you!!!


  4. sharon

    Oh what wonderful news!!

    She has been on my mind and in my prayers since yesterday evening. I am so thankful and relieved. We serve a prayer answering God.
    Thank You Jesus!!!


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