UPCI Missionaries Safe: UPCI Sending Relief to Haiti

We want to inform everyone that our UP Missionaries appointed to the nation of Haiti, Brother Ron & Sister Teri Brian are on deputation here in the United States and fortunately were not in Haiti at the time of the 7.0 earthquake that rocked the country yesterday. Many have asked about them and we want everyone to know that they are okay. All attempts to contact our National Leader in Haiti, Pastor La Port, have been unsuccessful so we are unaware of any physical or material losses sustained by our ministers, saints or church buildings. We are asking you to please pray for our ministers and saints in Haiti.
They need God’s protection and comfort at this time. A Strategic Management Assessment Response Team (SMART TEAM) made up of Rev. Ron Brian, Rev. Danny Wilkerson and Rev. Mark Hattabaugh will be leaving tomorrow for the Dominican Republic. They will meet there with Missionary Steve Shirley and attempt to enter Haiti from the Dominican Republic. Once they are on the ground in Haiti they will assess the situation. Many have called requesting how they can help. First and foremost you can help by interceding for our ministers and saints in Haiti and secondly you can help by making a donation to Compassion Services International at the following web-site: (clicking on this will take you directly to the site) Compassion Services . If you prefer you can also send and offering to Compassion Services International, 8855 Dunn Rd, Hazelwo, MO. 63042 designated for Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund. Let’s continue to pray for the church in Haiti and for the SMART team that will be going in to assess the situation on the ground. ~

The WNOP Team~ CAC Region

5 thoughts on “UPCI Missionaries Safe: UPCI Sending Relief to Haiti

  1. I came to your blog today thinking I might find some info on our missionaries to Haiti and sure enough . . . . Thank you! A “fella” who used to go to our church in Fairfield but who is now up in Eureka, CA was telling me of the recent earthquake up there that “really shook everyone,” but nothing like the one in Haiti. When I was up in Seattle, I was in a 6.8 earthquake that really shook everyone. I was actually up on the 27th floor of a highrise building. The building not only shook up and down but rolled. That was the scary part. It felt like the building was going to roll right over. Later (after that long 45 seconds of wondering how things would turn out), I found that some of the buildings up there are built to withstand a 9.0 earthquake and are on a “roller system.” I was in one of the “earthquake proof” buildings. I don’t know exactly why the Lord allows some to be “relatively safe” during earthquakes and some to perish, but I believe as the song goes, “We’ll understand it better by and by.” Glad our missionaries are safe and am praying for those alive in Haiti and for its relief efforts. Again, thanks for this, AND GOD BLESS YOU AND THE WHOLE BUXTON FAMILY!


  2. Darlene Weir

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti. It is such a devastating time for all. We had friends that just went there the day of the earthquake, but they are all safe for which we thank the Lord.


  3. I went to Haiti the summer of 1983 with Western District Youth Corps. I have never forgotten my time there and have been saddened by the news of this devastating earthquake. Thankful our missionaries are safe, but I’m sure their hearts are aching for the people they love.

    Will continue praying.


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